Chicago Moving Services by H2H MoversEveryone has shoes and therefore when we move house, we have to find ways to pack them for the move safely. If you are a man or a woman obsessed with shoes, this task might get trickier.

However, if you decide to hire someone to help, our team at H2H Movers can do it all for you. Our team specializes in safely packing and transporting all of your belongings with great care.

If you want to contact the team, you can do it via the H2H Movers website right here.

But if you decide to do it all on your own, then we have some tips and tricks to transport your shoes in their best possible condition.

Donate or Trash

When packing and ordering your shoes for moving house, the first thing to do is to search through them all. Find those old and scruffy and those still in the box with the tag on. If you have new shoes, you can donate them to an organization. If you have really old shoes, you can recycle them.

Once you have downgraded your shoe collection, you can start thinking about the packing process and how to handle it.

This is where the rest of our tips come in handy.

Put Pairs of Socks in Each Shoe

Stuffing your shoes with pairs of socks can massively help them keep up their shape during the move. Not only this but you can use your shoes for storing your socks. You are killing two birds with one stone. However, if you have already packed your socks separately, you can stuff your shoes with packing paper or plastic wrap.

Saving space during packing is essential since you can keep your items safe within each other.

Pack Your Nicest and Essential Shoes Individually

Another trick is to pack your nicest shoes individually by packing paper around them in the boxes to keep them safe. However, if you don’t keep your boxes, you can always buy some cardboard boxes from the shop.

You can also pack your most worn shoes separately and keep them in your car since you might need sneakers or some other type of shoe right away. Unpacking your shoes might come last on the list, so be prepared.

Bonus tip: you can also pack your out-of-season shoes separately and label the box. This way, if it’s winter, you’ll know that the box with sandals is not a priority for unpacking.

Use Clean Packing Paper, Tea Bags, and Bubble Wrap

Another good tip we have is to use clean packing paper and not one with prints on it. Prints can transfer to your shoe, and you might not be able to clean it up. You can also use paper towels if you feel more comfortable.

You can also take some tea bags and stick them in your shoes to keep them fresh and odor-free. This is such an underlooked tip, so we included it here just in case.

Bubble wrap is also a good idea instead of using plastic bags, which can rip really easily. You can wrap it around sharp buckles and heels or around dirty shoes, too.


Generally, these are all tips and tricks we have in this guide about packing shoes. It’s short and sweet, but we hope that it helps out. Happy moving!