H2H Movers are here to help with your Chicago moveEach household has a bunch of ceramic pieces and pottery lying around. As you know, ceramic mugs or decorations are very fragile.

In the light of this, we dedicate this short and sweet guide to packing the most fragile materials when moving.

If you are not brave enough to do it yourself, we suggest hiring a professional moving team like the one at H2H Movers. The H2H Movers team can handle all of your belongings with great care and ensure that your moving day is stress-free.

You can check the website here and contact them if you decide that you need a helping hand.

However, if you decide that you can do it yourself, the following tips could be of massive help.


The “freezing” method is quite suitable for cases when you need to pack highly damageable items like pottery and ceramics. What this means is that you wrap your things with bubble wrap as best as you can. The final result looks as if the items are submerged in ice.

This is best done if you use larger boxes than you need since the bubble wrap can take up most of the space in the box, leaving no extra space for the items to wobble around and break.

It would help if you took away any old mailing or shipping labels and bar codes for boxes. You should put lots of packing tape down the middle of the box and wrap it enough for four sides. Also, make sure that the top of the box is flat and there are no gaps anywhere. Everything has to be tight and ready for its adventure.

Packing Pottery

When packing pottery, you will run into a situation where you have to pack multiple items together. You could do this by choosing the right size of your box. Then you have to line all the items three by three or two by two if the box is smaller. In the process of lining your pottery, you could get a rough idea of how much space is left and deal with it accordingly.

It’s easy as 1,2,3, and you can line up the boxes with packing paper just in case any fall happens. The paper will cushion it.

Packing Ceramic Dishware

Ceramic dishware is most common in most households, and we have to keep it safe during a move. You can wrap all of your bowls in packing paper. This prevents any scratches. If you are putting multiple items in the box, you should wrap each in bubble wrap, so they don’t knock against each other. You should keep each layer of packaged items from the one underneath and beneath with styrofoam. You should put styrofoam at the very top and bottom of the box, as well.

This is it, folks! It’s not rocket science, but it does wonders to keep your precious ceramics and pottery in shape during your move.