There is nothing more exciting than working on movies, whether massive productions or small indie ones.

However, there comes a time when you have to pack all of the equipment and move it to another studio, usually a long distance.

If the production can’t handle the moving of the equipment, then we have an easy solution for you.
We at H2H Movers can help move the expensive and fragile tech with the greatest care possible.

Thanks to our team of professionals always ready, we can pack, unpack, load, unload, and take care of your belongings.

You can check out our website and contact us if you’re interested in our services.

However, if you insist on handling everything on your own, then we have some valuable tips and tricks for you that might help out.

Make Lists

Making lists is convenient in many situations, especially when moving heavy-duty and expensive filming gear. List each big and tiny piece of equipment you can take, and don’t miss anything out. This will be super helpful later on for insurance, so make it neat and professional.

You can list not only the names of the equipment but also why you need it just in case you take too much stuff.

The organization is key to making movies, and it’s also vital when you have to pack, sort out and move to a long-distance location.

Get Good Padding and Don’t Overpack

This advice follows up ideally the previous one, and that is DO NOT OVERPACK.
By overpacking, you can risk damaging the equipment if you stack too many things on top of each other.

You can also look into renting film equipment at your location, so you don’t need to carry too much. It can save you a lot of money, and you won’t have to pay any massive baggage fees.

It’s a win-win for everybody at the end of the day!

And when it comes to packing, proper padding is the way to go! You should get hard cases for the cameras that are packed with foam. To decide if you did a good job packing a camera, just shake the box a little. If it rattles, you need more foam to cushion any possible damage.


Sometimes even good packing and extra care don’t do the trick, and something gets broken. However, for situations like this, good old insurance coverage can do miracles. Miracles in the form of money, but it’s still something in such times.

Always back yourself with insurance, so you can have peace of mind and not worry about the equipment so much.

Thank us later for reminding you to file out the paperwork and make security your number one priority.

Bonus: Note Customs

If you’re going out of the country, customs are inevitable to confront. You have to get the equipment precleared unless you want to be stuck at the border.

Keep in mind all the different regulations and rules of the countries, so you have to do short online research or simply call. This way, you can get all the proper documentation you need and cross the border without issues.


We hope that our small list of tips and tricks will help you out on your next filming adventure, whether it’s a movie, series, photoshoots, etc.

You can do it by yourself or use a moving company like H2H Movers. Whatever floats your boat.