Moving is less stressful with a good moving companyWhen you have kids, you end up with piles and piles of toys everywhere in your house. All is fun until the moment comes to pack up and move to a different place.

You end up panicking and wondering how to handle and not break the easily breakable plastic and wood of kids’ toys.

Thankfully, you have your sidekick in the face of the H2H Movers packing company. We, at H2H Movers, provide professional services for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and emitting any type of stress.

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However, if you decide to tackle this task all by yourself, we have some quick and valuable tips.

We hope we can help!

Separate small and large toys

You can safely put small accessories and toys in just packing paper or zip-top bags. This way, nothing will get lost. You can also line some boxes with crushed paper to cushion any damage of more fragile pieces.

When it comes to massive toys like board games, trucks, etc., you can just put them in a box. They can uphold themselves and certainly won’t get lost.

A good piece of advice for both types of toys is to wrap them with packing paper if they tend to break easily like model toys, for example.

Labeling and taping

Labeling and taping the boxes you store your toys in is also essential. You should label each box with little sticky notes of different colors.

You can simply use packing tape for securing the box, and for the fragile toys, you can put FRAGILE stickers, so you know.

This way, when it comes to unloading, the process will take far less time, and you will move in faster. The organization is key, especially when it’s before moving.

Keep that in mind.

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind

Another piece of advice is to always think of donating or selling any unwanted toys. They have a short shelf life when it comes to the desire of kids to play with them. And there are so many children out there that can’t afford even one teddy.

Also, you MUST remove all batteries from the toys since they can damage the toys if the toys sit in high temperatures.

And these are all of our tips for you. We hope you have a stress-free move!