H2H long distance movers in ChicagoWhen moving abroad, a.k.a long distance, it could be even more complicated and more stressful than any other moving because of the distance. This is why our team at H2H Movers can help you out with our professional skills or loading, unloading, packing, and dealing with your move.

All you have to do is just sit back and relax while we handle the process.

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In light of this, we can’t skip talking about essential documents when moving and staples to take.

Down below, we have a brief guide on some vital documentation to take when moving long-distance, whether that’s abroad or within your country.

You can even use it as a list!

Visas and Passports

A Visa or passport is a must-have when traveling, and that should be second nature when you’re gathering all your documents. You will need both of those documents since the passport is your sole document for identity and citizenship, and the Visa is required for some countries for working, living, etc.

As you know, a Visa is your ticket for staying in a particular country for a while.

Both documents are hard to obtain the easy way, and you have to wait weeks or months for them. Sometimes Visas are not issued at all, so you have to get them in advance of your traveling plans.

Note: sometimes you might need a work permit as well in addition to your Visa, so bring that, too.

Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are crucial documents to have when moving since they hold a document proof of your existence. So, if you happen to have lost your paper, you can ask your parents or any relative if they have it.

While this might not be the biggest news, it’s good to have a reminder since you might forget it, and later on, you will have to go back home and take it anyway.

Medical and School Records

Medical and school records are very important, too. You will need your medical records and immunization records when transferring doctors. You never know what emergency might happen, and doctors have to know stuff like your allergies or past illnesses or any health issues in general.

School records are good to have if you have kids that are currently going to school.

Marriage Certificate & Social Security Card

Taking your marriage certificates and social security cards are some of the other essential documents when moving. You can use your marriage certificate for paying taxes or changing citizenship, and your social security card is one of the vital documents to bring everywhere.

Basically, you should keep not only those two documents but all of them separated in folders with additional copies of each one.


Remember that making your life easier now and making a bit more effort is better than stressing out at the last minute!