H2H Movers Chicago are here to help you with your moveWhen moving house and expensive and worthy artwork and paintings, you have to make sure that they’re handled in the safest way possible.

This is where our team at H2H Movers comes in and saves the day. We handle any type of object, from massive ones to very fragile ones.

We load, unpack, pack and take care of your prized possessions just like you would if you’re moving by yourself.

Moving house should not be stressful, so we aspire to deliver such an experience to our customers.

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Framed Artwork

Protecting framed artwork could get very tricky. We suggest putting painter’s tape or masking tape over the glass of the frame from each corner to the other.

This could prevent the glass from breaking and damaging the artwork. You can even get some protectors for the corners and wrap a few layers of packaging paper over the painting.

Go extra and get some cardboard pieces to put the painting between them.

Finally, you can get some bubble wrap and use it as a final touch to the protective layers.

Inventory is Key

You MUST create an inventory of your artwork. Small, big, pricey, inexpensive – whatever they are, you have to keep track of the quantity. Just create an Excel spreadsheet with all of the paintings and categorize them.

Of course, this applies if you have more than 10 artworks in your house, but if you have just a few, you might as well write down a list on a notepad.

Ensure that you keep track of your belongings when moving, so you don’t forget any priced or valuable possession of yours.

Use Labeled Boxes

Labeling boxes and using the right boxes for your painting is very crucial to how you’re going to transport them. After creating inventory, you should label each box with the numbers that correspond to your spreadsheet. You can use different colors of labels, and you can add numbers, symbols, whatever you decide.

Make sure you understand what you marked and numbered afterward. That’s the only advice we have for that bullet point.

Protect the Paint

Protecting the paint on a painting when there is no glass covering it could be tricky. This is why experts suggest you use layers of glassine, which is acid-free and transparent paper. You just put the art piece face down on the glassine and then secure it with some artist tape.

Finally, wrap everything with some bubble wrap, box it and seal it.

That’s all it takes for you to protect that paint and store your artwork as much as you can.


With that said, we can wrap up this short guide and wish you happy moving and safe transport of your valuable and cherished artwork that will make your new home even more special.