H2H Movers Chicago will help you with any movePlants are tricky things to handle when moving long distances. There are so many ways you can break their pots, spill the soil, or crush and break their leaves or even roots. You can even kill them along the ride by not taking proper care of them.

This is why you can hire a moving company that can help you transport your precious plants with zero damage.

Such a company is H2H Movers, where our professional team of movers will take care of your plants with the best equipment and skills.

You can check out for any moving services for more information and contact us if you want your moving to be hassle-free.

However, if you plan on doing it yourself, we have a couple of short tips and tricks to make your plants happy in the best way possible.

Monitor the Temperature

When transporting your plants, it’s a good idea to keep the temperature as monitored as possible. If you’re in a car, you should keep the AC on at an average temperature. If you’re stopping at a hotel or a motel along the ride, you must bring your plants with you. Otherwise, they might die in the car out of the heat or the cold during the night.

Even though this might sound very extreme to some people, you wouldn’t want your plants that have thrived for years to die within a few hours.

Water them consistently

Water is key to your plants’ well-being. So whether you’re moving in winter or summer, you must make sure that the soil is moist enough to keep them fresh and happy.

Water them before you go on your journey, and even keep some water nearby to water them during the ride.

The AC can dry out their soil and their leaves, so you can even bring a spray bottle and spray the leaves.

Plastic is your number one friend

Repot your plants in plastic pots, so you eliminate the heavy planters and pots when moving. Once you repot the plants, you can remove all pests, weeds, dead branches and leaves, and dust them one week before the move. This way, they will be ready for their new home and thriving without anything bringing them down.

Last but not least, get to know the laws

If you’re moving to a whole new country, then it’s best to check with your customs if you can take the plants across the borders. Some countries have limits on specific kinds of plants. For example, California is profoundly strict when it comes to plants coming in and out of it. Some countries inspect the plants just in case, as well.

Even though it might sound ludicrous, this is real, and you might need to check with the authorities before traveling to your new destination.

With that, we come to a close and wish you happy moving and safe transportation of your tiny home garden. A new chapter is about to open in your life, so get excited!