Trust H2H Movers with your Chicago moveAre you a bookworm? Sure, you are. You wouldn’t click on this article otherwise. Books are wonderful additions to our free time. But what to do with them when we are moving? The very first tip is to hire a professional moving company to tackle the heavyweight of your favorite books. We at H2H Movers are fully equipped to help you out with your move by having a professional team that uses only the best tools, materials, and equipment to make sure everything is hassle-free. You can check out H2H Movers or contact us here for more information.

With that said, let’s see some other tips down below on keeping your book collection safe and sound.

Weeding out Books

The very first thing to do is to decide which books you would like to keep and which you’re not so fond of anymore. Once you do that, you can do loads of stuff with the books you don’t want. You can sell them second-hand, donate them, give them to friends, etc.

The goal is to be minimalistic since books are one of the heaviest things when moving. And surely you don’t need all three editions of Jane Eyre, right?

Be mindful when going through your bookshelf and keep it light.

Also, you should do this early in the process of packing and sorting as if you have many books, it will be pretty time-consuming.

Group Books by Weight and Size

The very first thing when preparing books for packing is to organize them by size and weight. You have first to organize them by size as you can see which books can go in smaller or bigger boxes and then organize them by weight. This means that the heaviest books are going at the bottom, the medium-weight ones are going above them, and the lightest go on top. This way, it will be easier to carry, and the hardcover fantasy trilogy won’t crush your small poetry books.

Rolling Cases and Small Boxes are Your BFFs

We all have one or two rolling cases around the house that we keep for holidays. Well, these can come in handy when you’re moving books to your new home. You don’t have to lift anything, and you can wheel out tons of books.

It sounds too good to be true, but it works, and you can try it the next time you have to move your wall-covering bookcase.

Just make sure that the wheels are stable so they don’t crack under the weight of your treasured classics.

Another tip is to get small boxes that can keep the books’ weight under 40lbs, and this way, books will be more manageable to move. You can line the seams of the boxes with tape to make sure they don’t fall apart, and you can line the boxes with newsprint or packing paper. Just to make sure your books are comfortable and don’t get damaged on the way to your new home.

This is all for now when it comes to moving with books. We hope it helped, and we wish you a happy moving with less stress!