H2H Movers Inc - Packing and unpacking services in ChicagoIf you have pets and need to move house soon, it’s inevitable for your worries to start coming in. Where to put the pets, how to make the change easier on them, etc.

However, it might not be that difficult to make this significant life change and make it easier on your cat or dog.

In our brief article, we’ll look through some ways you can make a moving day a little less stressful on your household’s loving furry friends.

Make sure your pets are away

This is the best advice, and if you can arrange for your pets to be with a friend, a family member or sent off to a pet hotel, it would be perfect. Otherwise, they might get in the way of the movers and possibly cause an accident.

However, if you can’t arrange for your pets to be out of your home on that day, you can leave a room with their favorite toys and bedding to serve as a pet room. Once the chaos is over, you can take them out.

Moving is just as stressful on humans as it is on pets, so keep in mind to give them peace of mind.

Take your pets to the new place

It’s a great idea to take your dog to the new place, so it can sniff around and get used to the new smell of the house. You can also check all gates and fences if you’re in a house, so you can know if it’s safe letting the pet out in the garden.

Another good tip is when you arrive at the new place and have a cat, you can leave it at home for a while. Cats are not fans of moving, and you might need to keep it inside for a while before letting it out to start roaming the neighborhood.

Keep your pets’ routine and create their comfort

Another good piece of advice is to create a place of comfort for your pets in the new home and keep their routine. Don’t change anything in walking and feeding times, and just carry on as it was. This way, your pets will soon find themselves familiar and slowly ease into the new neighborhood and place. It’s also great to go to local dog parks if you have a dog and introduce it to its potential new friends.

Microchip and register your pet

Another great piece of advice is to make sure that your dogs and cats are microchipped and tagged before the move. Some cats might try to return to their old home, so you better make sure they can be easily found. You also have to register your pets in the new area.

Find the right movers

Last but not least, you have to find the right people to do the job. Finding the right movers is tricky, but if you do your research, you might find some.

We at H2H Movers are a team of highly skilled and professional movers that can deal with any moving and handle your belongings with great care.

You can learn about our services from here and contact us to arrange your big moving day!