Professional Movers in Chicago areaWhenever you’re moving house, it’s essential to protect your furniture as much as you possibly can. In this brief article, we’ll stress upon the best ways you can do that and that you can be sure that the results will be satisfactory.

We hope you’ll get inspired and try some of our suggestions yourself, too.

Insurance of your items

This is probably the most crucial step when you’re moving house, and this is getting insurance for all of your expensive furniture. Things happen, accidents can occur, and you might find a broken vintage lamp or two when you start unpacking. Whatever you treasure or keep safe because of its sentimental or price value, insure it just in case. It’s the sensible thing to do.

Put all tiny nuts, screws, and bolts in plastic bags

If you’re disassembling the furniture yourself, you should always put the tiny pieces of the furniture in small plastic bags and write with a marker their contents.

It’s a good idea to write the furniture they go into, as well.

You can also use any cardboard, towels, and furniture gliders to move the heavy furniture through the house. This way, when you put those items under the legs of the furniture, the floors won’t get scratched.

For easier moving, you can also disassemble the furniture and take apart modular sofas, bed frames, tables, etc.

Wrap the Furniture

Another good tip is to wrap your furniture in moving blankets and stretch wrap. This way you’ll not only protect your furniture but your walls, too.

The stretch wrap is the best tool since it clings tightly to all edges of your furniture, and it doesn’t let any scratches appear on the surface.

Pro tip: you can also rent moving equipment from any stores like Home Depot. Such equipment can be a hand truck or a dolly. You can also use skid boards, trailers, and moving straps.

Use Professional Movers

The last tip we have is to use professional movers, which will save all the buying and supplying of materials to protect your furniture with. We, at H2H Movers, have a professional team that works carefully with your furniture, packs, unpacks, loads, and protects your treasured items.

You can check out our services from here and contact us from our official website, so we can see if we can help.