H2H Movers is here to help you with all things movingHaving kids is such a joy, and you want to do everything to make them happy. One of those things is decorating the perfect kids’ room. However, some parents find this task quite difficult to uphold.

Join us and follow along with our tips and tricks on decorating a great kids’ room with little effort.

Make it as colorful and as fun as possible, so your child can have as many adventures and play dates in it as possible.

Establish Play and Work Areas

A good tip is to divide your kids’ room into two spaces: one for homework and one for play. Define the work area by getting smart shelving where you can put decorations or various books that are needed. You can get a colorful desk, fun stationery, and make sure that there is plenty of natural light to come through. This prevents your child’s eyes from getting strained while doing homework.

When it comes to playtime, you can make a bright corner of the room with your child’s favorite stuffed toys, video games, and various activities. This way, the kid will leave the school stress behind and indulge in some of hobbies.

You can opt-out for creative storage like beds with drawers or baskets incorporated in tables for toys, etc.

Get the maximum out of that room and make it as fun as possible!

An Upgrade-Friendly Room

It’s important to leave room for upgrades since your kid will grow out of their kids’ room, and it will soon be a teenager. You have to be able to adapt to all the different stages in their life.

Keep the room with neutral colors and always leave room for more storage or a bigger bed. It’s good advice to keep your kid’s preferences and style accordingly to their very own space in the house. This way, they’ll feel safe there, and they will know that this is their space for when they need to escape the world. You can even encourage your child to be involved in picking the curtains, beds, decorations, and colors. Let their personality shine through the room’s design.

Use Rugs, Peppy Colored Furniture, and Graphics to the Max

Another good piece of advice is to use really colorful bold colors and balance them out with neutrals as much as you can. It all depends on your kid’s taste, so you should consult with them, as well. Another tip is to add some graphics like decals or even frame posters of their favorite characters or movies. Such pieces add so much personality to a child’s room, and they can be easily changed up as they get old. A helpful piece of advice is to get rugs that can be used for puzzles, board games, or just playing along with dolls and toys. Be sure to pick rugs with a material that can be washed easily.

And finally, you can get some really cool bright furniture to spice up the neutral colors of the room (if you have any). You can get new or second-hand since kids tend to grow out of their clothes and furniture. So, you can browse for some newish second-hand pieces to match your taste. If you want a professional to load and unload your big furniture pieces, you can always turn to us at H2H Movers. We have the handiest and most professional team to handle the transportation and assembly of your furniture. Without fuss, you can arrange the kids’ room you want very easily.

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