Moving is less stressful with a good moving companyGetting antique furniture for some people is such a thrill that others just can’t imagine its grade. Antique pieces come not only with their unique designs but also with lots of history that goes with them too.

In this brief article, we’ll tell you some tips and tricks on getting antique furniture and how to avoid getting scammed.

Watch out for knockoffs

You have to be careful when getting antiques because the difference between something being a reproduction, “in the style of” or “attributed to” and “original” are very different things. The prices vary a lot, as you can imagine in that sense.

One piece of advice common amongst collectors is that you have to search for an antique piece in its country of origin. If you’re looking for a French table, you have to search online for France-based dealers and so on.

In this way, you can be sure of their authenticity 100%.

Another tip is to look out for furniture being made to look old and always watch out for the piece’s original stickers and stamps. Check each nook and cranny of the furniture you’re buying and always, always ask. Make a list of questions beforehand and ask everything you want to know.

Tip: designers recommend keeping your interior design modern but want to spice it up with something old, you can always get antique pottery, art, or lighting. These pieces give the space a unique aura and feeling.

Your Instincts Never Lie

Trust your gut when you’re buying such sentimental pieces of furniture. If your heart points you in the direction of a sofa, get that sofa fast. Otherwise, you might not find it anywhere else, and that would be a pity if you miss out.

On the other hand, another tip is to sleep on the thought of buying something. You can ask the dealer to hold the item for 24 hours, so you can decide and go back if the decision is positive. Sometimes impulsive decisions are not your best friend. Keep that in mind.

Examine and Evaluate

Always examine the condition and evaluate your cost for refurbishing. You must always check the furniture for structural integrity, any significant damage, examine the upholstery and the guts, check feet and legs, etc. Just make sure you’re not buying something that needs considerable altering, which can lead to losing its worth altogether. However, if you’re determined to buy something and it needs some restoration, you have to keep in mind that it would cost quite a bit. Also, altering an antique furniture item too much might make it lose its value.

Get Help for Transportation

Sometimes, the dealers might not have the best transportation for your antique furniture, and this is where the H2H Movers team comes in. We, at H2H Movers, can load, transport, and unload any furniture with the best professional tools and methods. Your beloved antiques will be handled with great care and transported safely to your home.

If you’re interested in asking about our services, contact us here from our website, and we’ll do everything in our power to help out with your individual case.