Furniture moving by H2H Movers IncMost of us have old furniture that either belonged to our beloved grandparents or we found it in a boot sale and want to freshen it up. Sadly, there seems to be no time for that activity. However, with this article, we can give you a kick up the bum to start thinking about turning those old wooden cabinets into a modern piece of art and still keep their original design and style.

We’re ready to give you four amazing tips on changing up your old furniture and giving it the new life it deserves.

Slipcovers- as simple as you can get

You can use up slipcovers to refresh your furniture in the best way possible. You can switch between many patterns and colors for each season. You can also choose a neutral color to hide all of those old granny flower patterns that your sofa might have.

There are many ways to go about this task – you can create your own slipcovers or get ones from the shop with snaps, ties, or elastic bands.

Whatever suits your home, budget, and skillset.

Use accessories for your furniture

You can always accessorize your furniture with lots of different trinkets and things that can give a totally new look to it. You can paint old hold hinges and handles, and you can swap old pulls and handles for new ones, you can get new cushions and throws, you can use peel-and-stick contact wallpaper for insides of your drawers or the backs of your bookshelf, etc.

You can go around this task many ways and get inspired by so many sources like Pinterest or generally any other type of social media.

Look around, and you’ll see ideas that you’ll love.

The Magic of Reupholstering

This tip is a bit on the pricier side, but it’s way cheaper than actually getting new furniture which is what we want to avoid in the first place.

Using reupholstering as a method for updating furniture, you can pick your favorite fabric, and you can add elements like a nail-head trim or tufting.

You can just play around with ideas and details until you get your desired result.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Painting furniture doesn’t narrow down just to wooden furniture. You can do it to wicker, metal, and upholstery.

By doing this, you can get the furniture you like to match your personality and style in the most amazing way.

You can use many paints, and we’ll list the specifics of some materials that the paints suit briefly.

And last but not least….

Get Help for Moving Your Old Furniture to the Craftsmen

There is one tip that we decided to leave for last, and that is how to move your old and heavy furniture when it needs to be upgraded by your local craftsmen if you can’t be bothered with it. It’s best to use oxur team at H2H Movers, who are always ready to handle your belongings with great care and transport them to wherever they need to be.

No-fuss and no headaches.

If you want a professional team of movers to help out with your furniture moving, then contact H2H Movers and let us know what the task is.