Best Local Movin Company in ChicagoThere are some common mistakes that people make when they move house locally. We have all done them at some point, but just like the saying goes- we should learn from our mistakes.

In the article below, we summarize those mistakes we tend to make, and it’s probably a good idea to stop, just for the sake of avoiding headaches.

Get Moving Estimates and Schedule Your Time

This is the first piece of advice we have to give you. NEVER pack in the last minute because you’ll get easily overwhelmed. It’s best practice to start doing the packing a couple of weeks earlier.

Just sit down with a cup of coffee, grab a pad and a pen and start scheduling your time. It will payout in the long run.

Another thing to keep in mind is to get estimates from several moving companies, so you set your budget accordingly. You can get those in person or online.

Don’t Forget to Label the Boxes and Throw Our All of the Old Stuff

Always label your boxes before moving them out in the moving van since you’ll have a hard time recognizing your stuff when unpacking. With labels, you’ll know instantly where your belongings are, and this will make moving a breeze.

Another tip is to throw out all of your unwanted items. Decluttering is not only suitable for the space you’re living in but also for your mind. You’ll feel so much better and lighter when your space is clean and clear. It’s good advice to just keep a checklist for all of your belongings.

Transferring Utilities and Mail

Even though this is quite boring, transferring your utilities and forwarding your mail is inevitable. You should do them now, not postpone them for days and days.

Just go to your post office, fill out all forms and change your address. Also, contact your utility provider to let them know about the move. Just set a date for your old home services to be terminated and started in your new one. As much as all of this is very much time-consuming, you have to get it over with.

Researching Movers

The last but not least important step is always to research your moving company. We at H2H Movers have a team of professionals that’s ready to handle your local moving, packing, and unpacking with great care and tools.

We limit all of the stress and leave you enjoying your new home in peace.

Check out our website and services and call us to discuss your next local move.