H2H Movers Are here to help you with your moveMaking an office feel homier can be an easy task, and everyone can benefit greatly from it. After all, it’s way more pleasant to work within a cozy and friendly environment than in a cold corporate room.

You can add some bits and bobs that are inexpensive and can really make a significant difference for your whole team. Here are some tips and tricks on doing that especially curated by us.

Art, Plants, and Aromatherapy

This may sound far-fetched, but by adding a couple of art pieces and some candles or essential oils, your office will brighten up, for sure. Studies have shown that smell can trigger the brain to be more focused, and you can feel more relaxed by using fragrances like lavender, for example.

When it comes to buying art, you can add a bit of texture to the walls to enhance the place.

Another bonus tip is to add plants that can be of any kind. It’s good for them to be real and not faux since you can’t really feel their effect if they’re plastic, can you? Get succulents or basically any low-maintenance plant you can buy.

Getting Rugs and Pillows

If you have furniture like couches, you can always add big fluffy pillows to soften up the space. Moreover, you can get some accent rugs that can make any room feel homier.

Adding texture to a room is key to making it more personalized and cozier. You can get rugs and pillows in all kinds of colors to fit your esthetics.

Not only that, but they can fit any type of chair or couch so that you can ease into their comfort in your breaks. After all, you must add some kind of break in your routine to let your mind rest and be ready for the tasks ahead.

Lighting is important!

Our last tip is to add some lighting to the space that’s not some bright and head-ache-inducing light. Get bulbs with a warmer light or even some string lights could work wonders.

Don’t forget that every space needs some cozy light to make it feel at home. Your office shouldn’t be far from that. You can make it happen.

Bonus tip: if you’re planning on getting new furniture or heavy decor for your office, we suggest you hire professionals. We, at H2H Movers, can help you with your office moving, whether it’s for relocating or you just need some stuff moved and installed.

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