H2H Movers can help you with moving your furnitureUsually, when you have a small room, you might see decorating and arranging furniture in it as a challenge. Decorating and furnishing larger rooms is even harder when you’re on a budget.

When it comes to designing whatever type of room you want, the core rule is picking furniture pieces that fit into space. Don’t make it too cramped.

With that said, we can give you some easy tips and tricks to spice up your small living room and make it cozy enough for the whole family.

Get Simpler Furniture with Light Colours

The first thing to look for is the type of sofa, accent chairs, and furniture design. The choice of sofa is easy as you can choose an armless sofa. Pick carefully as you don’t want a bad cheap sofa that hurts your back whenever you sit to watch your favorite TV show. This is a years-long investment, and you shouldn’t rush picking it.

On the other hand, the accent chairs can be a bit cheaper and most importantly they have to be lighter in color. Sure, the sofa can be darker, but dark accent chairs will feel quite giant in the room. You can find armless ones and try to avoid anything with an oversized backrest. Transparent chairs are also all the hype.

You can also go with glass ones with delicate lines for a coffee table and avoid all ornate furnishing.

Pro tip:

  1. Try to find furniture with clean lines so the room can look more minimalistic.
  2. Just keep it simple.
  3. Don’t overstuff your sofa with pillows, and don’t buy shabby slipcovers.

This doesn’t mean avoiding buying additional decorations like lamps or vases. Get one or two pillows with bright colors to brighten up the place.

Handling Storage Furniture Like a Pro

We suggest thinking outside the box when it comes to getting storage units or spaces. Sure, you can go to IKEA and get big boxes, but you can do it differently and way better.

You can look out for stock kitchen cabinets from supply companies, or you can get stand-alone pantries that are side by side on a long wall. This way, they will look like they’re one unit.

Other items that can do wonders for storage are clementine crates mounted on a wall or even filing cabinets. They look exciting and can store things properly.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

If your living room is also your dining area, you can divide the space to define the place where you cook and have lunch and enjoy yourself and relax.

The good idea is to use a two-color palette for small spaces, and usually, an all-white palette works wonders.

Another trick is to pick your furniture before you pick the color of your walls. People tend to choose their room color, paint it, and then struggle to find matching furniture.

And finally, don’t go overboard with furniture. One chair, one sofa, and one coffee table are more than enough.

If you can add some more pieces, do it but if the place already looks finished enough, stop putting more.


We suggest hiring specialists when it comes to moving furniture in and out of your home. Such moving is heavy-duty, and there might occur an accident if it’s not handled correctly. We at H2H Movers can help out with moving and rearranging furniture by handling it with great care.

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