Chicago Moving Services by H2H MoversWhen a government office is moving, time mustn’t be wasted. To make the whole process smoother and easier, we at H2H Movers are happy to help.
Our team has only professionals that can take up any job such as packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and handling with great care.
There are some tips and tricks that we can give to make a move easier and without errors.
Let鈥檚 jump straight into the list.

Document and Computer Security

The first matter that you must handle is all of the computers and documents. With all the essential information inside, it would be disastrous for them to disappear.
You can follow some easy steps like backing up all documents, which should be your priority.
Don’t remove any paperwork from its original drawers because they might get into the wrong hands. Lock up those drawers, and you can put in some air blowers that can cover each drawer and protect the items inside.
Once you do that, it’s time for the safety of the computer. You can put colored stickers on each of the cords. Place the same color of stickers both on a cord and on the input. This way, they’ll be easier to assemble once they’re unpacked.
Once you鈥檙e done, you should put each piece of the computers in boxes with bubble wrap and locks. All of them must have numbers.
Remember to label all of the boxes by their location and NEVER by their contents. It might be dangerous for others to know what鈥檚 inside each box.

Security of the Offices

For the security of your office spaces and the sensitive information you hold, you should always keep one door open. Lock up all the other entries, so intruders don’t break in and steal something valuable.
With H2H Movers, our team always wears its badges and uniforms to ensure that everyone knows who is part of the moving staff and who is not.
Hold tight the security and make sure that they monitor each step of the move. You never know which suspicious individual might sneak in.
When you have successfully moved, protect your old office by turning on the alarm system and locking each gate and door.
Don鈥檛 forget to set up an alarm system before you go into your new office, too. Also, install locks on each door and window just in case.

Create a Moving Plan with a Moving Company

As we already mentioned, we at H2H Movers are ready to help with any government moves. Our last tip is to create a plan with your moving company. We are also pro at making sure that each step of the way is written down and discussed before we venture into packing and loading. Each necessary action can be discussed and planned with us to have a better picture of the essence of the job.
Our individual approach is why we鈥檙e respected and cherished by our customers.
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