H2H Movers can help you with moving your furnitureMoving furniture by yourself could be tricky, so we can give you tips and tricks you can follow to achieve success.

Sometimes to save some money, people tend to lift heavy and massive furniture by themselves. However, this could be very dangerous, and it could lead to a messed up back and health problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving the furniture from one room(floor) to another. Lots of accidents can happen.

In this case, it’s a good idea to hire professional movers. More on that, you can read later in the article.

Here are some excellent tips & tricks you can follow to make moving furniture less dangerous and effective.

Make a Plan & Prioritize your Furniture

Just like with everything in life, it’s a good idea to make a plan and follow it. With moving furniture, it’s good to arrange your time and priorities. For example, you should take into consideration which pieces should be moved first. The heaviest items are always a top priority. Then, you can fill the gaps with the lighter and smaller furniture. Treat it like Tetris.

You can also write a plan where each item is going to be. Do you have an idea of the new look of your place? Think about it.

Without a plan, the process could become quite hectic, and something might crash.

Collect All Equipment

If you’re moving by yourself, you might need lots of equipment to rent or buy. Some of the essential equipment is listed down below:

These devices could remove some of the furniture weight off your back and arms. You can adjust them to your size to make the experience more comfortable.

These little devices are placed under each leg of the furniture you’re moving. They’re made out of single or multi-part plastic. They make sliding furniture across the floor. This way, you won’t damage your tiles, carpet, or hardwood.

This is a square platform with four wheels without or with a handle so that you can push it. It could also be a hand truck with two wheels, which has a smaller base than the first one. It’s suitable for tall items. You can strap the furniture on the dolly with straps or a rope.

Extra tip

You should break your furniture into smaller pieces. This way it’s easier to transport. You can remove any legs, knobs, drawers, cushions, and other extra bits.

Store any small screws or bolts in a bag and label it.

Lift properly

You should never carry the weight on your back. Always carry it in your legs. Just squat at your knees for the lift and don’t bend over. This way you’ll feel the weight on your legs and arms when you rise up. Also, carry the items close to your body. This way you’ll have balance. Never twist your body when carrying or lifting. Keep yourself straight and still, and don’t look down when carrying. When you need to turn, let your hips lead the way, and your feet should follow. Another tip is when you carry something up and down the stairs, always let the person who’s lower on the stairs hold it from its bottom. The higher one should carry it from its top.

Do I have other alternatives for moving furniture?

Yes, you do have. You can just hire the professional movers at H2H Movers, and they’ll help you out in the process. We can move your furniture and assemble it quickly and easily. You don’t have to break a sweat at all.

When your home needs a little rearranging, the H2H Movers team is ready to help you arrange your furniture the right way.

You can find out more about our services right here.