Move with H2H Movers for lessYears are changing, seasons are changing, and people are changing alongside all of that. Some of them are even changing their homes. To make the process easier and smoother, they usually search for professional moving companies. Like us. Like H2H Movers. We make moving days seem like a piece of cake, and we’re based in the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois. We can handle all your furniture, technology, and other items as carefully as we possibly can. With that said, let us tell you why we’re the right moving company if you’re Chicago-based.

100% Reliability

We at H2H Movers are one of the best moving companies in Chicago, and we aim to make your moving process as stress-free as possible. We can do anything from packing and unpacking to transporting. Our staff consists of trained professionals that have a friendly attitude towards each situation. To us, this is what makes a company great and the main reason why clients choose us. When you decide to move, you just call, and we’ll explain the whole process and the pricing in great detail.

We receive great recognition from many people, and companies trust us enough to work long-term with our business memberships.

Our services include loading, unloading, partial and full packing, rearranging furniture, commercial moving, moving within the same complex, moving your piano, and many others. We can help you out with all of that, whether it comes to small or big jobs and even moving long-distance.

Chicago and Chicago Area Moving All the Way!

Our services are currently based in Chicago and seven counties in Illinois like DuPage, McHenry, Cook, Will, Lake, Kendall, Kane, and Kankakee. We’re constantly adding more and more locations for your convenience. H2H Movers can help you with your local and intrastate move.

Thanks to this flexibility, H2H Movers have been acknowledged as a company of great excellence in the industry by Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, the 2018 award for Super Service from Angie’s List, etc. However, we didn’t let acknowledgements and awards get to our heads and we use them to motivate us to be better.

If you have any suggestions and opinions, do let us know. You can do that via our live chat on our website, our contact page form, or you can call us at 1-773-236-8797

Not sure whether to use a moving company, yet?

We gathered some recent statistics that show how Americans move and if they use professional moving services. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, around 650,000 people use professional movers each year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 17.4% of Americans move mostly because they want a better home, 12.2% because they want to establish their own household, 10.8% for a new job, and 10.5% for other family reasons.

Last but not least, up to 31 million Americans move each year. Can you believe the numbers? It looks like moving is an extension of change in our lives and it’s better done with professional movers. Thus, H2H Movers are here to make the transfer to your new chapter better.