H2H Movers can help you with your winter moveNew year, new office space, as they say. 2020 was a rough year for businesses worldwide, and the new year is the latest chapter they needed. So, why not start fresh and move to a better and more prominent location. If you have an expanding team or your office is in an inconvenient place, it’s time to switch it up a bit. Pack your stuff and start looking for your company’s new home at the start of 2021. We will show you some steps to make the transition smoother and easier.

Plan the relocation from A to Z

You need all the preparation and planning you can get, so you should set a time-frame for each step of the way. Schedule the moving date, how long the process is going to take, create a budget. Make it easier from the get-go since it might become quite hectic once all the boxes get packed, and it’s time to leave. Make sure you put in a notice to your current landlords and figure out when your new landlords will be able to welcome you to the new place.

Of course, don’t forget to update your employees on the move and inform them of essential procedures like the packing arrangements, rules at the new building, the new address, and any new phone numbers. Encourage each employee to participate and help out in any way that they can. However, if you feel like it might get too complicated, you can hire professionals.

Hire a moving company

By hiring a moving company, you’ll minimize the stress amongst employees, and you’ll have all your belongings moved safely. Moving companies like us at H2H Movers have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to make the process smoother. We have all the needed packing and unpacking services, and we can create a moving plan to suit your needs.
Our team is trained to transfer everything according to our safety measures and set it up in no time. Our customer support is always online to answer your questions, and we can make the transfer any day of the week. The number one priority is to put convenience first, so you can start working as soon as possible after the move. You can find our services and more information on our website.

Pick a project manager for the move

In order to speed up your moving process to the point of success, you have to appoint a project manager to manage all aspects of the move. This person must be really organized, have excellent communication skills and abilities to work with a budget. They should be having an eye on the movers(if you hire such) or the internal moving process if you’re packing and setting up on your own.
Be careful of your data
Back up all critical files, hardware, and documents during the process. There is a high chance something might get lost, and it will lead you into serious trouble and unnecessary headaches.
Use cloud-based technology to store your most important files and keep your documents in binders in one place. Label them, order them by color, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can tell one from the other, it’s all good.

In that nature, you must clean your office and get rid of any old files, furniture or equipment. Donate and sell, so you can make space for new things and don’t over clutter the new office.
Update with your new address
Update your documents with the new address and place orders for labels, new business cards, stamps, etc. Update your clients and all vendors that ship to you. Do that before you move. Sort out all documents, so you can start working right away once you move in. If you do it later, you risk facing a very stressful time you can simply skip. Think about the bigger picture.

It’s time to celebrate!

Once these stressful times are over, it’s time for a little party. Order some food, grab some bottles of your favorite alcohol, and just relax. Have a good time, chat with your colleagues, and have an office warming party. You deserve it!

Start the new year in style, and may your future business endeavors bring you revenue and happy clients!