Trust the Top Chicago Movers for your next moveAh, moving. A new place, fresh start, more opportunities. It’s great, but it can also be a bit of a challenge. No matter if you’re experienced in moving or it’s your first time, the unknown has its fair share of worrying factors. One of them is the actual process of moving.

It can feel daunting, especially when you think about the logistics, the travel, packing and so on. Don’t let that overwhelm you. Long distance moving isn’t that difficult when you are prepared well. Here are a few things to consider in order to make that preparation easier.

Set aside enough time to plan

Sometimes the need to move isn’t expected and has to happen in a hurry. Despite that, try to set aside enough time during your day to plan the task. Long distance moving means a lot of factors that can go wrong. So, a proper plan will minimize the risk of possible issues. It will also make it easier to react to the issues that will inevitably arise.

Create a checklist

Creating a comprehensive checklist will serve two goals. Obviously, it will help you not forget something when the time to pack and move actually comes. But before that, it will help you with carrying out an inventory of your belongings and build a strategy of the steps you will need to take. It will also be of use when it’s time to talk to the moving companies and get quotes for the services you will need.

Time for a purge

While you’re taking an inventory of your belongings, it’s also a good time to purge some things. You may go with a strict rule – don’t keep items you haven’t used or seen in a year. Or you may go with another, more sentimental rule. Either way, you will be surprised to find how many things you don’t need.

This is a good thing. The less stuff you pack, the lower the costs for the move. It will also allow you to recoup some of those costs by selling some of the things you won’t need anymore. And you can always do a good deed and donate or recycle items, too.

Packing is key

Moving companies charge mainly for the distance, size and weight of the cargo. So, you want to be as efficient as possible. Proper packing will take full advantage of the available space in the truck.

And another important factor. Proper packing will minimize the risk of potential damage to your stuff during the travel. For example, you may be tempted to move your mattress as-is. But actually, moving it in a box will keep it clean and it won’t be damaged, squished or bent. Also, if you’re also moving furniture, wrap it to protect it.

Organize and label

Yet another point for the organized people. This extends to the boxes, too. Place labels on every box to help everyone involved know what it’s in each box which will help with the proper loading of the truck. If you’re used a shared truck, also add a label with your name and shipping address to each box to ensure there are no mix-ups.

Hiring professional help will be a great solution for long distance moving, especially when you have a lot of stuff to haul or not enough experience. They will give you a hand in making sure everything goes smoothly and you can focus on the new opportunities the moving brings you.