Chicago Moving Services by H2H MoversYou know that Moving Day is no Independence Day- there are no fireworks and celebrations. While it’s an exciting time to switch up places and explore something new, the weeks leading up to the big day can get tough. This is where planning comes into action. First of all, you can take a breather, since local moving is significantly easier than moving across the country or the world. It’s easier to arrange a moving company in your hometown because of the short distance, but there could be hiccups down the road.
Allow us to shine a light on some valuable tips on making moving enjoyable and keeping stress at bay.

Choose a moving company

First and foremost, you have to get some preparations going ahead of time. Don’t fool yourself with the phrase “short-distance moving is easy.” Well, you’ll be surprised at how much stress you’ll endure during the process. To move some of that out of the way, google moving companies and make an informed decision. They must have a reasonable price list, get things done quickly, have insurance against accidents, and handle your belongings with care.

We at H2HMovers Chicago offer all of those things and more to ensure our clients’ best experience. There is no job that we can’t do when it comes to local moving. Nothing is too big, and no distance is too short or too long.

Declutter your belongings

Once you have set a date with a moving company, it’s time to think about which things to keep and which you can do without. Go to each room and get all your stuff in a pile. You can use Marie Kondo’s way of decluttering by looking at all objects and thinking hard about whether they make you happy. If they don’t, you can throw them away or, better yet – give them to your local charity shop or a non-profit organization.

There are items in every household that are brand new, never get used, or are pretty outdated. They can be perceived as new and exciting by someone else. Keep all your sentimental pieces. Recycle everything broken and dangerous, like old appliances or china.

The great thing about local moving is that you know all your local organizations and neighbors, so you know who is going to need your stuff. You can even organize a garage sale and earn some money if you’re on a tight budget.

After you arrange everything, draw your new home plan and decide the new places for your items. This way, the movers will have a plan and instantly know what to do at the end of the local moving process. It saves so much time and confusion!

Make sure that no kids and pets are in the way

Keep out your children and pets away from the Moving Day, since it’s hazardous for kids and animals to be in the way of the movers. Heavy boxes and items are carried around, and you don’t want the movers tripping over your dog with the washing machine, do you?

Call someone in advance to take them away and care for them while the house is being emptied.

Our last tip is to breathe in, breathe out, and smile because any moving is a new chapter in your life. Just relax and let us take care of everything.

Learn more about our company and choose H2HMovers Chicago for your local moving.