Move with our moving company in ChicagoWe all know that moving allows you to start fresh. You have the opportunity to look at your new home before everything is settled and decide on your daily routine even. This is the time to adopt some new habits and maybe even become more energy-conscious. Because truth be told – many people waste a lot of energy.

Cutting down on energy costs can be a great success, if you know how to do it. This isn’t to say that you cannot do it in your current home, but people are just not in that mood most of the time. Moving simply gives you a fresh perspective, which allows you to adopt new habits more quickly. At least that is what we have noticed throughout our practices as professional movers in Chicago. Let us see how you can cut down on energy costs!

It Doesn’t Start With The Products

Most people think that energy saving is done through purchasing the right products. But it doesn’t start there. Actually, it is more about your own conscious attitude towards the issue. Even if you buy energy-saving stuff, if you keep leaking energy, even though it is going to be less, you are still doing it wrong.

So how does it start? By altering your behavior! Don’t turn on appliances without intending to use them immediately. Also don’t leave them turned on after you are done. This applies to many things, but is especially noticeable with stuff like coffee machines, lights, the TV, computer and so on.

Also start using some appliances less. For example, if you can air dry your clothes, don’t depend on your electric dryer as much. If you can hand wash the dishes, don’t always go for the easier solution of the energy-intensive dishwasher.

Heating and Cooling

Why the way you approach heating and cooling is a habit on its own, it still deserves a separate spot on our list. Most people do not realize how much energy gets wasted on cooling or warming up a room that is not actually used. Many people do it with their bedrooms or keep the living room constantly warmed up (or respectively cool). There are modern appliances, which can track that behavior for you and can actually start and stop the heating or cooling depending on your situation so that you do not have to rely on having the HVAC constantly on.

Relying on Products

Finally, you can really start picking up some more energy-efficient products once you have the habits down. The easiest of the bunch are, of course, the lightbulbs. You can switch those for energy savers, for sure. You can also figure out some smart power strips that cut the power to things you have left plugged in, but do not actually use. Because, you may not know that, but they actually use up power still. Not that much, of course, but they definitely leech from the system and ultimately this ends up pumping up your energy costs.

With these 3 remarks you should be able to cut down on your energy costs and if you are just about to move, then that’s the perfect time to do it!