If you need moving help call H2H MoversDecember is the month of celebrations and with it we often notice how much stuff we have laying around. And since this month calls for even more gifts, we are left wondering whether or not it isn’t a good idea to cut down on stuff a little bit.

If you have been wondering this, then you have probably encountered the “minimalism” term. If you have, that’s good, because today we are going to explore it in a bit more detail. If you haven’t, that is still fine, as today you will learn more about it and why it actually makes sense for people, who are living the modern life.

Material Possessions Are Often Suffocating

It is no secret that clutter is one of America’s biggest problems. Everyone of us is a bit of a hoarder if you think about it, because we have made the American dream our utmost goal. What that means is that every material possession ever raises our status, at least in our own eyes. Ultimately, this leads us to accumulate a lot of items that we do not actually need. As professional Chicago movers, we have seen that clearly.

The problem is that items can be suffocating, especially if you do not need them. We surround ourselves with books we hardly open, magazines that gather dust and all sorts of other stuff, which we do not even look at. This is problematic, because it feels like we have a lot, but that doesn’t translate into real possessions. It doesn’t translate into actual worthwhile experience.

Because of this many people have decided to embrace the minimalistic trend of cutting down on stuff. Why does this make sense? Because people want some room to breathe, and quite literally at that!

Simplifying Minimalism

Many people make minimalism overly complicated. However, this defeats its very purpose, doesn’t it? If you want to avoid that, you can simply choose a different approach – make minimalism as simple as possible of a concept for you. How can you do that? By taking a proper look at its core.

In its essence, minimalism is simple – get rid of everything you have no intention of using any time soon. Yes, keep around a few books, but donate the rest. The magazines that keep piling up can just go away. Do you have clothes you do not even wear? Why do you keep them then? By going through your items piece by piece you can start cutting down on them without much trouble.

The actual issue is going over the “giving-up” process. It can be a bit tough, because it feels like we are losing our wealth. But honestly, this isn’t wealth, it’s something that is dragging us down. Consider it dead weight that just wastes our time, space and mental energy. Indeed, once you embrace minimalism, everything else around you becomes much simpler. So are you ready to do it now?

Whatever you decide, make sure to be intentional about the stuff you have. Even if you are not turned into a minimalist just yet, don’t simply hoard!