H2H Movers can help you with moving everything, including your kitchenOne of the most exciting things about moving to a new place is that you get to start fresh with some rooms. Usually, the kitchen is one of those spaces that either matters a whole lot to people, or not at all. If you are one of those folks that likes cooking and the kitchen is an important place for you, then make sure to check out our essentials below.

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Essential #1: A Set of Good Cooking Pans and Pots

Many people believe that you can pretty much go on with just a couple of pans, but the truth is that you can do so much better if you have a good set of cooking pans. Here we also include some pots, because they are also very versatile. Whatever you do, make sure to invest properly in those, as cheaper ones tend to be pretty bad with abysmal coating where everything will stick.

Essential #2: A Sharp Set of Knives

The only reason this is number two on the list, and not one, is because more people realize the need of a good set of knives. And yet most of us settle with cheapo knives that can barely cut things. The truth is that sharp knives that can hold their edge are not only safer to use, but they also cut down on time (pun intended). Don’t waste your money on bad knives and instead invest in something that will last through the years and will serve you well. While you are at it, also buy yourself a good wooden cutting board, and avoid ceramic or glass ones. They will only ruin your knives.

Essential #3: Measuring Cups and Spoons

Truth be told, the imperial system has a pretty weird way of measuring cooking stuff, but we are stuck with it. That is why you will need some good measuring cups and spoons if you want to master certain recipes. The good news is that they are pretty cheap and easy to find. After all, you do not need superb precision.

Essential #4: A Good Grater

So many people forget about the grater and only think of it when they realize they have nothing to grate with. However, investing a good grater from the get-go can be such a time saver. You can make salads, dice stuff, slice them and a lot of other things much more easily, than simply trying to do that by hand.

Essential #5: A Multi-Cooker

Many people who are into cooking will look down on this choice, but the truth is that sometimes we just don’t have enough time to cook everything. With a multi-cooker that becomes super easy and while you barely “cook”, at least you can eat something pretty tasty and still have the home-made feel.