Moving is less stressful with a good moving companyWe have talked about moving being stressful quite a few times on this blog before. However, it is not a topic that you can do it justice by simply covering it on a random occasion. This is why today we want to do something different. We want to explore the sides of stress when moving and see whether dealing with it can be handled through rational means.

Of course, we are professional Chicago movers, not psychologists in any manner. This is why whatever we say here should not be taken as professional advice, but simply as an informative piece to tell you that you have options. Let’s start then!

Why Do We Get Stressed When Moving?

A simple question, right? Well, asking it may be simple, but answering it is a whole another matter. The thing is that stress is complicated. You cannot say that it pertains to any one factor. It is a multi-facetted issue and has to be handled as such.

Of course, change always brings some sort of stress. And moving involves a lot of change. Not only are you in for a new experience, but you are also forced to leave the old life behind. This is not easy on the mind, and it needs time to adapt. So in that regard, there are some things you can do.

Prepare yourself

It all starts in the mind. If you do not take your moving experience seriously, you brain will force you to handle it at some point. Which is why many people simply prefer to face it little by little. From the moment that you know you will have to move, you can start picturing it. Piece by piece you should detach yourself from your current place, so that it doesn’t feel much like home anymore.

If you accept that sooner, you will not find it that hard to embrace the new place. Why? Because you will not be anchored with the idea of your old place. Additionally, when you don’t have something old to drag you down, you will find that change may actually be pleasant.


No one says that you have to handle everything alone. We live in a weird culture where we are afraid to ask for help. This gets even worse with every generation and people are not accustomed to asking favors. The good news is that you don’t need a favor, you need a service. Professional moving can be much better for you anyway.

The thing about a good moving company is that they can handle a lot of the planning for you. You won’t have to care a bit about packing supplies, moving stuff and figuring out how you are going to move the giant sofa. Leaving that to the professionals is the best things you can really do for yourself. So do that and you will see a big chunk of your stress dissipating.

And that’s the actual key – finding ways to nib at the stress little by little until it is all finally gone!