Move with H2H Movers for lessMany people may find it strange that a moving company will actually tell someone how to spend less on moving. Does this not go against the business? See, here at H2H Movers we believe that you should pay for what you need and want. If we convince you that paying for our services is better than wasting time on trying to do everything yourself, that’s fine. But if you still want to go ahead and have a DIY move, why should we try to stop you? In fact, we may help you with some tips, since our ultimate goal is to provide you with value!

So as professional Chicago movers we are going to tell you a few helpful things on how to save money while moving. Some of them can be used even if you decide to hire movers, others can help you cut costs on other aspects of the whole moving endeavor. So let’s get going!

Tip #1: Don’t Buy – Rent!

Whenever you decide to move, you will probably need plenty of moving boxes, especially if you are doing the packing on your own. You can approach this in one of two ways – go around town looking for free cardboard boxes, or buy boxes on your own… Or there is actually a third option – renting professional moving boxes.

Sure, getting free boxes is cheaper initially, but they are likely not as heavy duty as you’d want them to be. However, if you go ahead buying boxes, you’d have to wonder where to store them later and to be honest, they are not worth the investment. This is why renting actually makes for a better deal. Not to mention that you can rent boxes, which are actually top-notch professional equipment for moving, not some cardboard that is going to break over time.

Tip #2: Consider The Date

Even if you decide to use professional services, you can cut down on your moving costs if you decide to move on a weekday, not on the weekend. You can actually take that even further, because you can choose to move in a different, less busy season. Of course, this depends a little bit on your situation and whether or not you can afford to postpone your moving. Even so, it is a good thing to take into consideration.

Tip #3: Downsize

Let’s say that you don’t have time to pack, so you decide to call professionals to do it for you. Usually that would be the moving company if your choice. However, you can cut down on packing costs if you downsize and declutter your items before moving. Maybe you don’t need as many pairs of shoes, or you don’t want to take all the outdated magazines with you. Go through your stuff and figure out what doesn’t work for you anymore. To be honest, people are quite good at hoarding, but bad at giving stuff up. So that way you will also be exercising your will power, which is nice!