H2H Movers Chicago are here to help you with your moveHere at H2H Movers Chicago we have a lot of experience in moving and it has taught us a lot throughout the years. Truth be told though, many people consider moving to be a simple job that doesn’t take a lot of consideration. Well, things are actually more complicated than that.

While it is simple enough to say “pick this up and move it there”, you cannot actually execute it properly, if you don’t know the techniques. Sure, if it is something light, you would manage, but what about a big fridge, or a sofa, or maybe even a piano? These things are heavy and can hurt you, even though “moving is simple”.

There are other health considerations as well and today we will take a look at them. With that you will be able to stay healthy while moving!

Tip #1: Hydration Is Key

Hydration is important during every day-to-day activity, but doubly so when you are moving. Lifting heavy can drain you not only in terms of exhaustion, but in fluids as well. Our body needs water to function, which is why we recommend that you stay properly hydrated, especially during warmer months.

Tip #2: Keep Your Back Straight

There is a tendency for most people to try to use their back muscles when they lift heavy, but this can prove problematic in many instances. It is much better to use your legs to drive the picking up movement, instead of your back. Of course, your back still contributes, but when you don’t round it, you generate force with your legs instead, thus reducing the risk of injury tremendously.

Tip #3: Don’t Skip On The Rest

Moving, especially if you are not trained, can be exhausting. If you feel your energy seeps from you, don’t push yourself, because overexertion can be quite dangerous. Give yourself the rest your body needs and take a break to catch your breath.

Even though mechanistically simple, moving is still physically demanding and draining. It is even known that high physical exertion is psychologically draining as well, so it won’t be a surprise if you feel a sudden lack of motivation to continue on with the move.

If something like this happens to you, don’t worry, it is a normal physiological response. This is why there are professionals to help you with your moving needs. They make moving seem easier and this is why many people want to actually try it on their own. But even if you get a couple of friends, that doesn’t mean you know all the little details and tricks of the trade.

Keeping your health in line should be your number one priority, so remember that any time you need help with your moving, we from H2H Movers Chicago are here to help. You can book your move with us and take advantage of our competitive prices at any time. Just request your free quote and start the process, as simple as that!