H2H Movers Chicago can help you with moving across the countryWhen people consider moving one of the things they often forget about is their car. So all of a sudden they have to figure out what to do with it on quite a short notice. This is a problem, because most solutions take at least some time to get organized.

Today we are going to explore what you can do with your car. Maybe you have a second vehicle or you just don鈥檛 want to drive it while moving (because it would be too long of a distance), but whatever the case is, we are going to cover it. As professional Chicago movers, we have a lot of experience with people, who don鈥檛 want to drive their cars to their new home. Let鈥檚 see what are your options!

Hiring A Professional Driver

There are different services out there where you can request the help of a professional driver. They will take your car and drive it for you wherever you want. This is an excellent choice if you have a spare vehicle, and there isn鈥檛 somebody to drive it with you. It can also be a good option for short distance moves. However, keep in mind that the fee may differ a lot depending on the distance.

You also have to remember that your car will still be in use, so over a long distance, this means it will acquire quite a lot of wear and tear. This isn鈥檛 something to worry about if your new home is a few hours away, but can be very concerning if you are moving across the country. In such a situation you would need a different kind of transport, so let鈥檚 explore that!

Getting A Carrier To Transport Your Vehicle

There are services like auto transport that can take care of your vehicle over any distances, but they primarily specialize in long distance car transport. They are an excellent option if you are moving across the country, as they can take your car there without any wear and tear on it and it will arrive without you worrying about anyone else driving it.

The pricing is also not steep and is quite affordable for most people. On top of that you can purchase premium services, like single-car carriers, which will only take your car. These are more expensive though and are made for luxury vehicles.

In any case though a carrier service is your best bet if you don鈥檛 want anyone else to touch your car for you. That being said, somebody will still have to load the vehicle, so a bit of driving will be going on, but only to load and unload the car. The best thing here is that you can get your car transported from an address to an address, effectively bringing it right to the doorstep of your new home.

With these two ways you can move without stressing over how to take your car with you without driving it yourself!