H2H Movers can help you move to a tiny houseThe minimalism trend is growing and we have been covering different aspects of it for the past couple of months. That being said, one of the biggest niches in it right now is the tiny house movement. More and more people are looking to move to a tiny house (or even a van).

That being said, such a decision is not actually that easy. You have a lot of things to consider, otherwise you may end up unhappy with your choice. As professional Chicago movers, we have experience with people moving to all sorts of places, and we have seen how it can be done right. Let’s check that out!

Does a tiny house even make sense for you?

You have probably seen different videos or shows about tiny houses and they all look super cozy. Their welcoming nature, together with being simply cute, seems like the best choice for people who do not want to have a lot of things.

While this is generally true, tiny houses are really not for everyone. Even if you are into minimalism, a tiny house does not necessarily translate to a minimalistic house. To be honest, it can be quite the opposite. Minimalism is all about creating space and freeing yourself from the clutter around you. With a tiny house however you cannot escape the clutter. Even the bare necessities take up space.

This is why many people become disenchanted with the whole tiny house idea. They look nice on paper and neat on video, but once you get down to the nitty gritty you start noticing that it takes a lot of work to keep them tidy. On top of that sometimes you just want to have more space, but a tiny house doesn’t allow for it.

Obviously, they are not suitable for a family either. If you plan on having kids (or have them already), a tiny house can be quite the challenge. Even a family of 2 may find it difficult to live in such a place properly. It makes for a nice retreat every once in a while, but humans dwelling in cottages is perhaps not the best choice.

How can you make the most out of it?

Let’s say that you have already decided you will move into a tiny house. Make sure to do your research on how you can minimize everything. Your regular-sized items may not be suitable for your place now and you have to figure out a way to cut down on space your everyday items take.

Luckily, since minimalism is growing, mini items have started popping up regularly, so you can definitely find replacements. The problem is that you may have to spend extra on them, but that should be expected as tiny houses also cost a pretty penny.

Don’t forget that whether you are moving to a tiny house or just to a smaller place, we from H2H Movers can always give you a hand. We have helped many people move and would be happy to help you as well!