H2H Movers are here to help with your Chicago moveWhile minimalism is definitely garnering popularity, it is still a fairly niche lifestyle. That being said, cutting down on possessions can actually have a beneficial effect on everyone, even if they are not a minimalist. How do you go about doing it though?

We from H2H Movers Chicago have helped a lot of people with their relocation, and oftentimes that includes clearing out storage. We notice many things that folks continue on moving with them but never using. You can even have the same old box full of items between moves, without even unpacking it. Isn’t that strange?

This is why today we decided to help you figure out which items you don’t need that much. For some you can just cut down on the quantity, others you can toss out right away!

Item #1: Clothes

Most Americans have way too many clothes and they don’t wear 80% of them. This is an interesting statistic that goes to show that we love buying stuff, just not using it. However, why should you have something at home, if you are not putting it to good use?

A good rule of thumb is to never buy a piece of clothing that you don’t absolutely adore and don’t see yourself wearing it on a regular basis. Make use of your old clothes by donating them to people in need. That way you can help yourself by decluttering, but also help others by giving them what they need.

Item #2: Books and Magazines

For the longest time we have considered books to be somewhat of a special household item. We buy them, but never read them, or we read them and forget about them. In any case they only sit to gather dust and impress people who come to our home. Do you really need that though?

Many people have switched to completely digital reading of both their books and magazines. To be honest, it is even worse with magazines, because you can have stacks of them and never do anything with them. Isn’t that rather pointless? Save the trees and save yourself some space (and clutter) by getting rid of them, and never buying them on print.

Item #3: Perishables

Many people stock on food as if they are expecting the apocalypse to hit. Do you know what happens to it then? It just spoils. You’d be surprised how many people have forgotten leftovers at the bottom of the fridge, or items they would simply not eat.

If you don’t want to waste food, make it a rule to not overbuy it. Most people spend way too much on food already, so you can cut on your expenses, not waste any food and have whatever you want fairly fresh. Sure, you may need one more trip to the grocery store a week, but it is worth it, especially if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle!