H2H Movers can help you move to a smaller placeWith the rise of minimalism more and more people are drawn to small living spaces. Downsizing can indeed be mentally beneficial for a lot of us, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. In our experience as Chicago movers, we have heard many people who have at first been quite let down by their small space.

To fix that there are certain essential items that can make living in small spaces much more bearable. Because after all, you are not trying to cut down on comfort, but on clutter. Sadly, it is easier to get rid of both if you don’t know what you are doing. So let’s check out the items we have as suggestions for you today!

Item #1: Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Instead of a single item, we have a whole category for you here. But we still lump it all together because it serves the same purpose – giving you more storage, because you may actually need it!

While almost all minimalists think they should have super small amount of stuff, you may yet end up with quite a lot of items. What will you do with them all, if you move to a small space though? Not to mention that people are already bad at judging how much space they actually need.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to buy furniture, which can double as storage. Want a couch? Make sure it comes with storage beneath those cushions. A bed? Many of these can also double as storage. Even your tables and chairs can come with storage!

Item #2: Mirrors

The benefit of small spaces with less items is that your mind can take a break from all the clutter. It overstimulates the brain. However, if you cram your space up (which actually doesn’t take all that much items when your space is small), you are not achieving that effect. What can you do then? Simple, just install some mirrors!

Mirrors make the whole space seem a lot bigger than it actually is. Now this is not functional, obviously, but it’s a mental trick that can have amazing benefits for your mind. So why not give it a go? Most mirrors are pretty cheap anyway, especially the minimalistic ones.

Item #3: Cable Management

You can’t really go without electronics, even when you downsize. Sadly, almost everything comes with cables nowadays. While these can be easily tucked away in a big home, they eat up quite the space if you don’t manage them properly.

Learn how you can manage your cables with simple equipment and do it. Not only will your space look much tidier, but you will save yourself some space.

Bonus Item: Vertical Mounts

If you google vertical mounts, you will find plenty of options for different things around your home – from plants through shoes to cutlery. They can be quite the space saver, so definitely look them up. With the items from this list you can turn your small space into a comfortable place to live!