H2H Movers Chicago can help you with your studio apartment moveWhile cities are getting bigger, apartments are actually getting smaller. We are noticing a trend with studio apartments being quite the thing in big cities. Of course, they have always been there, but nowadays people are actually looking them up as a priority.

We will not dive deeper into why that is the case, but as professional Chicago movers we want to help people put their studio apartment to good use. The problem is that a lot of folks forget about the challenges of a small place. It seems nice in thought, but once you get to making use of it, the issues become clear.

If you don’t want to get frustrated with your studio apartment and want to make it as livable as possible, be sure to check out our tips below. Let’s begin!

Tip #1: Cut Down On Your Items First

Many people leave this part for when they have already moved into their studio. They figure it would be easier to just fit some things and see what is left, so they can get rid of it later. This may sound convenient, but it is pointless.

Go through your stuff now and do your best to downsize it as much as possible. If you think you can do without something, get rid of it. There can never be too much decluttering for when you are moving to a studio apartment. Plus your move will be cheaper that way too.

Tip #2: Utilize Multipurpose Items

Instead of having multiple different kitchen appliances, utilities, furniture and whatnot, you can get things that can actually serve you in more versatile ways. It is popular to have a couch that turns into a bed, so you don’t actually need a bed. Or having all-in-one kitchen tools that can do blending, chopping and processing in one unit.

Having foldable chairs may also be a good way to have some versatility for when your friends come over, but they are not a necessity. Don’t go overboard with foldable furniture, because you will most likely not use it or use it constantly, which negates the purpose. Compact – yes, foldable – not so much.

Tip #3: Consider Minimalistic Wardrobe

The problem nowadays is that we need tons of space for storage, rather than for life itself. We have closets upon closets filled with clothes and shoes, which we rarely wear, but don’t want to throw away. Obviously, this is not suitable for a studio apartment.

If you want to avoid all that nonsense, you can go the minimalist route with picking clothes. There are many guides out there that can teach you about interchangeability of certain clothing items. Though it is much easier to do for guys, girls will not have too hard of a time either. You just need to pick a versatile wardrobe. And remember the rule – if you only have a few pieces you absolutely love to wear, you will be wearing your favorite clothes every day. That’s cool, right?