H2H movers is here to help you with movingIf you have never been to a big city for more than a month, you may not really get how it all feels. Even staying in the college dorms is not the same as submerging yourself into the big city culture. So today we are going to talk about the different things that make city life so unique, and sometimes – frustrating.

While Chicago isn’t the biggest in the States, it is still quite big and has its own peculiar things. As professional Chicago movers we know quite a lot about it. However, today we are not going to focus strictly on Chicago, and the quirks we are going to talk about apply to many other big cities as well!

Quirk #1: Roommates Everywhere

Unless you have a family or a significant other, chances are you will have to deal with a roommate at some point. Of course, you can probably score a small studio apartment somewhere, but most people find it more affordable to live with someone. Yet you should be prepared for misunderstandings, at least in the beginning!

Quirk #2: It’s Kind of Confusing

The city can be a confusing place, especially if you do not deal to well with directions. While New York is all tidy (compared to other places), cities like LA can drive you nuts. That is why you should be prepared to be out of your comfort zone for quite a while.

Quirk #3: What Is “Silence”?

One of the major reasons people leave the city, is because it is one of the noisiest things on Earth. Seriously, there may be neighborhoods in some cities, which are quieter, but you will still have to accept some level of noise throughout the day (and often the night as well). If you enjoy peace and quiet, perhaps the big city is not the answer.

Quirk #4: The Idea of Space

Space is an awkward thing to talk about, because most people in the city do not have it. If you are not comfortable with crowds, and you love a big area where you can take a walk, without other people ruining it for you, well… Perhaps some town in Colorado is going to be best for you. That is because the city is just not cut out for people who value space all that much!

Quirk #5: Nature Is Not Calling

The last thing is that most big cities are pretty far away from nature. You will have to drive a good 2 hours to reach anything remotely passing as a “nature walk”. Sure, we have parks in the city, but climbing a mountain, or going to a trail – that is not a privilege of city life!

This is not to say that living in the big city is not worth it. These quirks make the life here unique and you have to find your own rhythm to it. That being said, if you just love the country and can’t get away from it – simply don’t!