H2H Movers is here to help you with all things movingWhenever you move to a new place, it may take quite some time for it to feel like home. For some people that never even happens, because they move from place to place quite often, and each new apartment feels like a temporary solution. But even if you don’t switch places all that often, you may still not enjoy the look of your apartment. Today we are going to fix that!

After you book your favorite movers Chicago has to offer, and they relocate you flawlessly, you have to take care of the look and feel of your place. Of course, you can leave everything as is, but that way you will not truly feel at home.

We know that most landlords and landladies would not allow for permanent changes, but there are still things you can do to add a bit of “you” in the entire apartment. So let’s take a look at our ideas!

Idea #1: Lighting Is Key

You can make a room look completely differently through various lighting options. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything permanent here. Just invest in a good pair of lampstands and you are done!

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even go the DIY route and create your personal lighting. There are many guides out there about how you can set the lights in any room. This can be perfect for the living room and your general entertainment area!

Idea #2: Interesting Furniture

While it is true that you don’t want a lot of furniture if you are constantly moving, that doesn’t mean that you cannot upgrade what you already have. For example, if you have a coffee table, why settle for something simple? Go out of your comfort zone and get a designer table that looks interesting, and adds a whole layer of character to your place.

You can do that with chairs, too. In fact, you may want to go the minimalist route and buy furniture that is easy to fold and store. That way you save up on space, while also having your place reflect your own ideals!

Idea #3: Interesting Coverings

While some may consider tablecloths, furniture covers and other similar things to be a bit outdated, you can actually insert quite a lot of a character into your place by going the covering route. Online you can find plenty of awesome designs and the good news is that such things do not weigh a lot. That means you can take them with you every time you move and transform your new place to make it look just the way you want it!

When you think about it, decorating your space is all about creativity, and as you can see, we have only focused on things that can be easily taken with you wherever you go. So this is our final tip – decorations do not need to be permanent, and actually, get creative with finding solutions, which can easily be taken on and off!