H2H Movers Chicago will help you with any moveSometimes we all crave change. We want to escape the mundanity of everyday and hop on an adventure. For some of us this may be only a vacation in a different country. For others, however, a more drastic measure is necessary.

This is why many of us are resorting to moving. Having a change of scenery where you will not only have to be for a week, but you will need to adapt for a long-term living, is definitely a way to escape your comfort zone. But how do you know where to move? Should you choose another big city, like the one you come from, or should you try living in a small town?

Today we are going to explore that. As professional Chicago movers we have a lot of experience in helping people get anywhere they want. So if you need help with moving either to a small town or a big city, we are here for you!

The Pros of the Big City

Let’s get the most obvious things out of the way first. In the big city you will have the option to do pretty much whatever you want. You can hardly get bored with so many things trying to gain your attention. Of course, you have to be a bit adventurous and embark on your own kind of experiences. But in any case, you can definitely find something right up your alley.

However, aside from having a lot of things to cure your boredom, you also have all the necessities. Big grocery stores have everything you would ever need and if you need a particular item, even if it is fairly niche, you can be sure to find it somewhere in the city.

The night life is also likely much better in a city. You can make tons of friends and experience a lot of things, should you want that. Not to mention the career opportunities. When you hear all that, you may start to wonder what the small town can offer to beat that then. Let’s see!

The Pros of the Small Town

Small towns are perfect for introverts who want peace and quiet. The only problem is that in the small town everybody knows one another, so you may still have to greet people when you meet them. Nevertheless, it is much less likely for people to bother you, and you can probably find a pretty secluded apartment or house on the cheap.

Small towns also offer their own kinds of adventure. For example, you will not have all the big stores around so you may have to learn to make due with less items. Or you will have to learn patience. For some this may be an issue, but others would embrace the challenge.

Finally, you can also get to explore nature much better from a small town. Big cities are not usually all that close to the country, and you have to drive a good chunk to get hiking anywhere. With small towns that is not necessary, as you can find one that is pretty close to the mountains!