Call H2H Movers for your next moveLast week we covered some qualities that make certain movers stand out as trustworthy. However, there are some other traits that you should look for as well. Today we are going to explore those and see how you can find a reputable moving company.

Please, keep in mind that while we are professional Chicago movers ourselves, we by no means claim that there aren’t other good moving companies out there. Still, we have received many awards as to our customer service and we continue to improve as much as possible. Which leads us to the next point of what makes a good moving company in Chicago.

Quality #3: A Strive for Excellence

One of the ways in which you can tell whether the company is indeed trying to provide you with the best service, is if they go above and beyond with their customers. That does not simply mean to provide you with a quality moving job, but also to get back to you in order to see if you are satisfied, ask for feedback, and so on.

It is common for businesses to stagnate, because they do not listen to their clients. This is why we try our best to address any concerns that people have brought up through the years. Granted, they are few and far between, but it is these minor details that can overturn you. So when you see a company addressing their clients’ feedback, that means they value not only you, but the business itself as well. This is extremely important!

Quality #4: Key Experiences

Many claim that there is no need of expertise when it comes to moving. That, friends, is a lie. Any experienced mover would tell you that it is not exactly easy to be safe and efficient at the same time. Plus, what seems simple in concept is often very difficult in execution.

This is why the company needs to have various kinds of moves in its track record – from office moves, where logistics are key, through instrument moves with a lot of technical details, to the simplest household move that requires proficient packing etiquette.

Of course, movers cannot gain experience if no one trusts them with their stuff at least once, but again, usually companies are started by people who already have a lot of that behind their name. So in all cases, make sure that the company you are hiring is not made up of people, who are completely new to moving (which is not a rarity).

Bonus Quality: Value In Everything

With our blog posts here we are trying to provide you value upfront, even if you have not yet engaged in business relations with us. That matters, because our first mission is to serve you. Sometimes that may be through moving, but maybe you just need some quality advice. You can always count on us to deliver that here!