We have all been there – moving to a new place just to feel awkward when we get to live in it. We know it is our new home, but it kind of does not feel like it. So what do you do about it? Most people simply wait it out. With time they get used to the place. However, we have a better solution!

As movers Chicago you may think that we do not really have much to say about making a place feel like home. After all, is our job not the opposite? We are here to move you, not make you feel better about it, right? Well, not really. We are here to deliver value and often that means helping you in any way possible. These tips are a way to do just that!

Tip #1: Avoid Hoarding and Cramming

While most people would start such a list with something active to do, we think it is more worthwhile to mention this first. What do most people do when they first move into their place and start unpacking? They take all their items and cram them wherever feels fine at the moment. Chances are most will stay there for a while, and you will amass new items with time.

Here is the thing – avoid doing that. If you have items that you want to keep, make sure they are displayed. If they are not going to be needed for a while, why do you even have them? Do you really need 15 shirts if you only wear 5? Why do you have a bunch of magazines, which you never look at anymore? Embrace the fact that you have a chance to start fresh and do not turn your new home into an item-filled mess.

Tip #2: Invest In Art

Do you know what is great about art? If you find meaning in it, it has an incredible value. It can motivate you, inspire you, make you emotional, or you may simply enjoy looking at it. Whatever the case, art is timeless and is one of the things that make great investments. Just make sure to display it properly.

On a similar note, anything can be art, if you consider it such. Do not only think of paintings. Perhaps that old guitar from your dad should be hanged on the wall. Or you have just fallen in love with a figurine you saw once. Display these things and enjoy them. That way you will feel at home much more quickly.

Tip #3: Be Deliberate In Exploring Your New Place

Many people would not even understand what we want to say with that tip. Well, it is simple – even though you should have already explored the place, the thing is most people do not do that deliberately. But you can get acquainted with it and it makes absolute psychological sense. How do you do that though?

Go through every corner and inspect the walls, the paintjob, take notice of the furniture. Ask yourself questions like “What positive things can I say about this?” Even if it sounds woo-woo, this is actually evolutionary sound. It is how we used to explore things in the past!