With H2H Movers you can move quickly and easilyHere at H2H Movers we have always advised people to start the planning process of their move as soon as possible. The earlier you start the better off you will be. Not to mention that everything will be less stressful as well.

Sadly, sometimes we have to move due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case we still have to figure out a way to move without stressing out completely. For this reason today we are going to give you our thoughts and advice on what to do when you have to move on a short notice. Keep in mind that this advice comes straight from experience, but does not mean it will apply in 100% of the cases. Still, as professional movers Chicago we consider it our duty to give it to you.

Tip #1: Get A Moving Company ASAP

If you have to move on a short notice you do not have the luxury to wait and see what moving company you will pick. You just don’t have the time! Which means that doing research is likely not going to be too beneficial either. Proper research will take you quite some time.

What is the best course of action then? Take a quick glance at the reviews of some companies in your areas and prepare a quick list of all available movers that pass some feasible standards. Why a list? Because moving on a short notice is though and it is likely that a lot of movers will be booked for the date when you have to move. So having a list to go through is a good idea.

Sadly, you may not even have time to compare the prices between movers. If you cannot afford to pay for an emergency service, then you should probably pick the first movers to respond with free hours for your move. Otherwise if you wait too long, someone else may snatch the opportunity, leaving you hanging.

Tip #2: Get A Full Service

When you get your movers, do not just ask them to transport your stuff – ask them to carry out the packing for you as well. Unless you have a substantial amount of time (or you can take some time off work), which you can dedicate to packing, you are better off hiring professionals for that.

Reputable moving companies such as H2H Movers will have their own professional grade packing supplies, so you would have less things to worry about. That is always welcome. Nevertheless, be sure to check with your moving company whether you need to supply them with packing materials or not.

Tip #3: Declutter Fast

Go through your items and start sorting out the things that you do not need in your new place. You’d be surprised how many things people hoard, which they do not actually need at all! Please, do not hang on to old clothes you will no longer wear, magazines you will never read, or even books for that matter.

There are many things you can probably ditch. So start sorting them out. This will make the process of moving much quicker (and cheaper).

With these tips you should be able to survive a short-notice move. Stay tuned for more moving advice next week!