Call H2H Movers for any kind of moving helpWhether you are going to college, or you are leasing your first apartment, moving out of your parent’s house can be exciting. You will finally be on your own and do whatever you want. Within reason, of course.

However, not everything is as fun as you think, because now you enter into a world of responsibilities. And if you think that this is just perfect to start up the new year, you would be right. So get ready, book your Chicago movers, and start reading to our handy tips on how to handle your first move ever!

Get Your Mailing Details In Order

You now have a new address. But do you know what that means? You have to actually go ahead and update that everywhere, or at least at the places, where it is going to be relevant. However, you may first need to figure out how the whole mailing situation is around your apartment building.

Some places have own mail slots for each apartment, while others have a community mailbox. If your apartment complex has a doorman, it is likely that they accept packages if a tenant is away for example. You have to check everything related to that if you don’t want a bad surprise.

You Need Some Supplies

One of the first “cold showers” that you need to take is the fact that no one is going to look after your supplies anymore. If you don’t buy shampoo, it won’t come out of thin air. If you don’t get some cleaning supplies and do the work, you will just have to live in filth. And let me tell you – you do not want that!

It is time to assume some responsibility and go supply shopping. Get some garbage bags, cleaning supplies, shower stuff and other things you may need on a regular basis. You know, a good set of plates and cutlery will also do you some good.

Not Just Any Furniture Will Fit

Maybe you have a favorite bed at home, or that giant sofa in the basement that no one needs? Well, if your apartment is not big enough to house it, you shouldn’t really take it. Surprisingly, a lot of people do not consider that and later they are surprised when they find out they have to purchase new furniture for their apartment.

If you don’t want to get into such a situation, make sure to take some measurements first. Get yourself a measuring tape and write down the dimensions of the rooms. Also make note that you need “negative space”. That is the empty space where you can move freely around the room. Make sure you have enough of it, otherwise the entire place will feel stuffed and rather unwelcoming.

With these tips you should be able to start off your moving plan. Of course, there are many other things that need consideration, but you can do a bit more research now that you know that, right?