H2H Movers can help you with all things movingToday鈥檚 real estate market is not the best thing in the world. It is estimated that younger Americans may not end up owning a home in their lifetime at all. So what does this mean? We will end up with generations of renters!

While this prediction is still fairly distant, we are already seeing some trends. More and more people are not convinced that owning a home is the best decision. They want the freedom that renting gives you, and you know what? All the power to them!

Today we are going to look at some cities, which are excellent places for renters. Don鈥檛 forget that your favorite Chicago movers can always help you get there once you鈥檝e made up your mind!

City #1: Oklahoma City, OK

Perhaps this is not the first place that will come to your mind, but it is definitely among the best. That is because it offers fairly low rents, while having a decent median income for people there. It is not exactly low in terms of population, but does not get nearly as high as Austin for example.

The weather is also not bad, but some people don鈥檛 like it all that much. If you are looking for a warmer state, this is obviously not the first choice. Still, the summer is plenty hot and uncomfortably so for many northerners.

City #2: Lincoln, NE

Lincoln is not the most famous place on Earth, but it is not too shabby either. It is definitely on the lower end of the population, sitting below 300,000. That is excellent for people who do not want to live in a crowded space. The median income is satisfactory, while the cost of living is below average for the States.

The weather is perfect for people who want to experience all seasons, and does not get overly hot or overly cold (although some days may indeed be extreme). Sadly, it is also not exactly an exciting place, but it can be a breath of fresh air, if you are used to the rush of the bigger cities.

City #3: Austin, TX

Okay, we are taking a complete 180 turn here, but we just have to mention Austin. It is a great place to live for at least a while. You get to experience Texas from a whole another perspective, and honestly, it is worth it. It is not the cheapest place, but the income tends to be higher as well, so consider that.

It is fairly dense, some may even say overcrowded, but you already know that. The weather is also predominantly hot, which is awesome for people who cannot stand the northern climate. However, some people cannot handle that it is indeed hot in the summer. If you are not prepared to face warm seasons throughout the year, Austin is not the place for you.

What do you think of our list, would you want to live in some of these cities?