H2H Movers can help you with movingRecently we have started a series that deals with renovation dilemmas. Today we are going to talk about remodeling options that are actually worth their money, as well as some that are not. If you do not want to miss out on our advice, make sure to check out our blog each Thursday for more useful information.

As professional movers Chicago we have seen many homes. Some are nice, others… need some work. However, we have also seen many places, which have opted for some pretty bad renovation options, which in our opinion are either overpriced or useless for the most part. Still, some of them are actually great and we think you should consider them. Let’s check some out!

Better Storage

We have to face it – Americans are great at hoarding. We just love stuff, so our places are filled with it. However, if we do not handle it on time, it is only going to become a bigger problem. This is why investing in proper storage facilities is an excellent choice. Having a walk-in closet for example is much better than a bigger bathroom for no reason.

Hardwood Floors

Many people think hardwood floors to be a hallmark of a homely place. They are also associated with high quality and people see them as an expense that is worth it. After all, it is good wood, right? Well, sure, but is it worth it for real?

There are better options, if you think about. Laminate floors for example come much cheaper and are more resistant as well. Investing in good laminate will be more futureproof than good hardwood. Innovations in the field include water resistance, scratch resistance and even heating. With hardwood you are stuck with the basics and water damage can be a serious threat.

Kitchen Upgrade

If we, Americans, can do something for our health that is to prepare more of our food by ourselves. To do that though you would need some space at home, as well as plenty of handy appliances. However, the investment will pay off tremendously in terms of health, and quite frankly – taste.

If you invest in high quality kitchen appliances and a renovation that will bump the space up, while optimizing the storage options, you will have a much easier time around your kitchen. Why not try it out?

That Countertop Though…

Speaking of kitchens, we also have to mention one of the most expensive things you can get for them – an exotic countertop. Here we would advise against that as well. Why would you spend tons of money on something, which primary goal is to get scratched, hit, dirtied and whatnot. Not to mention that if you go with something like marble, you won’t be able to preserve its looks for long.

Honestly, the most important thing you have to look at is function. If you have to sacrifice function in order to increase looks, this is not an upgrade that is worth it. There are plenty of good-looking options out there, just find one that is also functional.