Organize your move with H2H Movers!If you think about it, most people stress quite a lot about their move. That is because in essence none of them knows what to do and they have to wing it each time. Sure, you may have moved a couple of times, maybe even recently, but if you have not consciously prepared for it, you are likely going to have a hard time.

Today we are going to explore some tips that will make your move much easier and less stressful. When we say it can be effortless, we do not mean that you won’t have to do anything at all, but it won’t be as stressful as it otherwise would be. So let’s begin!

First Things First – Call Your Movers

Most of us do not have to move on a short notice. If you are about to relocate, you have likely known about that for a while. Here is the best thing you can do – call your favorite Chicago movers as soon as possible. That way you will be able to schedule a move with them without having to pay premium or asking them to work outside their business hours. This will not only save you money, but it will also be much less troublesome.

Declutter Before Packing

While packing does take some time, you will actually be better off decluttering first. While some people would advise you to not do that at it takes quite a lot of time and you may actually not want to throw out anything, we have a different approach in mind.

Forget about throwing stuff out. Most people are too connected to pointless items. Instead consider donating. Get some boxes and fill them up with clothes that you have not worn in a while. Even if you have intent to wear them soon, you are still better off giving them away.

The same applies to bedsheets, towels, books, magazines and other items around your home that are just taking up space. Here is something more – it is scientifically proven that decluttering actually makes us happier, which when paired with charity is a double win!

Have Your Packing Supplies At Hand

The key to a proper move is to be prepared in every aspect. It is not enough to simply sit down and write a moving plan. You should also consider all the necessities that you would need.

Here is the thing though – if you get your movers to also pack for you, you will not have to worry about packing supplies at all. However, many people prefer to handle the packing on their own. While challenging, this is definitely doable. Still, you need to be prepared and not rush to get things done.

You can get high quality moving boxes and packing supplies at many different places. Don’t forget bubble wrap, which is key, and stretch wrap as well. Some specialty boxes may also be required, although you should consider that on a case by case basis.

With these tips your move should be much easier!