Want to move? Then pick the best movers Chicago available!There are not many things cozier than a nice small home. You can really make the place feel like home, because it is much more welcoming than a big but cold house. That being said though, with small homes you do not really have as much freedom when it comes to picking up the decoration.

Because you have space limitations, you may actually feel quite limited in what you can do about your place. Adding a big piece of art like a sculpture or even a vase on a stand can be quite jarring. Even smallish things may appear larger and take up more space than you think.

Don’t worry though! We from H2H Movers have seen a lot of places. As one of the best moving companies Chicago we have helped many people with arranging their furniture and decorations. So today we are going to give you some great ideas on how to decorate a small home.

Tip #1: Less Is More

You may have a dozen of favorite art pieces, but trying to fit them all in a small space can actually be detrimental. What you should do instead is pick only a couple, on which you can put the emphasis. For example, you can have only a single frame hanging on the small wall that is otherwise too crowded with three images on it.

The great thing is that you can still rotate your favorite pieces monthly, or quarterly. That way you will not only be able to keep your home fresh, but you can also utilize many different artworks.

Tip #2: Go Vertical

If you think about it the most packed area of any room is the floor. We lay everything there, so it is easily to get it overly furnished and decorated. Rugs, carpets, TV tables, sofas – it can start to feel a bit claustrophobic.

Instead you should try hanging things on the wall or even from the ceiling. Ditch the TV table for a wall stand, hang your speakers from the ceiling, think about getting the storage units off the floor and stack them along a single wall. That way you will still have pretty much the same space used, but it will feel much less.

Tip #3: Darker Is Smaller, Lighter Is Bigger

For some reason our brains are not that fond of darkness. Sure, dim spaces can look cozy and warm, but they also feel very tiny, as if the walls are looming over you. That is because darker colors actually absorb light. Which would be fine, if our brain evolved to live in the dark. But no, we actually prefer the light.

If you don’t want your small home to feel overly small, you can achieve that easily by painting the walls in lighter colors. Light blue is quite trendy and you can even go with sky blue if that is your thing. Green also works to sooth you and creates the illusion of a vaster space due to its association with nature.