Want to move affordably? Try H2H Movers!Everything around us seems to be getting smarter. We have had our smartphones for about a decade now, but now we also have smart watches, and smart wallets. There are even smart jump ropes! So it is only natural that our homes should also become a bit on the brainy side.

Today we are going to tell you how you can easily turn your home into a… well, smarthome. We will see what gadgets you need and whether or not that will cost you a lot of money. This works great if you are about to move to a new place, because that way you can smartify it right from the start. Don’t forget that we are one of the best moving companies Chicago has to offer and we are always ready to help you with your relocation. But now, let’s get to the tips!

Figure Out How Smart Should Your Home Be

The idea of making your home smart is very exciting. However, there are a lot of things that you have to consider. For example, you can find many smart appliances out there that you can easily control via your wireless network. Your fridge and your AC are just an example of what can connect to the “internet of things”.

Alternatively, you may only want to place some home assistants around your place. With Amazon and Google pushing out fairly cheap assistant devices, you can cover quite a lot of ground without dishing out a whole lot of money.

Of course, these assistants can control quite a lot of things. Although most of the functionality is limited to internet-y things. You can control your TV, your lights (if they are smart, of course) and several other gadgets around your place. If you are a bit of a tinker, you can even write small programs to run your other smart appliances (provided they can even connect to the smart speaker).

Keep in mind that the smart speaker niche is only going to expand. Right now it is in the sweet spot of still being a new technology while not costing a whole lot. So if you want to experiment, you can pick up a few devices yourself.

How Much Will This Cost?

Smartifying your home can be fairly cheap or extremely expensive. If you have to replace your entire kitchen with smart appliances that will obviously have quite the hefty price. However, if you are only looking to add a couple of smart devices here and there, you can easily get away with it for less than a couple hundred bucks.

That being said, you should allocate a budget and do the most with it. Some essential smart home items are not as expensive. You can have a smart doorbell and smart locks, which are always nice. Smart outlets are also a thing and they can actually save you money down the line.

However, at some point you will be hitting the boundary of what is practical and may actually get into the “just because” territory. So be careful and only buy something smart, if it can actually make your life easier. Or if you do not care about money, smartify everything!