With H2H Movers your move can be stress-freeWe all know that moving is overwhelming. The majority of people are not proficient at it, so they have to set aside more time to take care of everything, especially if they do not hire professionals. However, this often leads to problems. You get up way ahead of your sleeping schedule, you take up more tasks than you can handle. This can not only ruin your weekend, but throw your entire week or even month off schedule.

Following our last article, which was about moving safety, today we are going to focus on how to keep yourself healthy. If you think about it, this has a lot to do with safety as well. So whether you are about to move and you are looking for some last minute tips, or you are going to move in a couple of months, we are here to prepare you for it. However, you should not forget that the entire move can be much easier if you pick the services of one of the moving companies Chicago has to offer. But now let’s go!

Sleep Is Not For The Weak

Last week we mentioned how important sleep is. We have to carry this to today’s article as well. Still, I am going to elaborate a little bit more on how you should approach sleeping in general.

If you are like most people, you probably don’t have a sleep schedule. Yet you probably get up for work around the same time. My best advice is to go to bed a bit earlier for an entire week and get up at the time you want to start your moving process. Going to bed even an hour earlier will turn your world around to a much better state. That is because the majority of Americans are low on sleep anyway, so even an hour more can make a huge difference to your energy levels, mood and overall productivity.

Nutrition Matters

Maybe you are not a person who would appreciate a diet. However, if you want to have optimal energy levels, and not crash during the extensive physical labor during the move, you better start treating your body a bit better.

At least for a week consider ditching all added sugar altogether. This will surely cut off quite a lot of food from your menu, but you will be much better energy-wise. Switch to fruit, whole grains, and most importantly – lean protein and healthy fats. Balancing your diet for even a couple of days will net you many positive benefits during the move.

Avoid Alcohol For A While

Moving while drunk is not a fun experience. Doing it while hungover isn’t fine either. But while the majority of you will not attempt that anyway, you may not know that regular alcohol consumption can still hinder your performance.

Alcohol dehydrates you and reduces your muscles’ capabilities. If you want to be at your best, avoid it for a week or so. A glass of wine every day is fine, but not more than that and make sure to not go overboard on beers as well.