If you want H2H Movers to help you pack, we can!When it comes to the different aspects of moving, people dislike packing the most. It takes time, it is often messy and quite frankly you probably underestimate how much stuff you have. However, if you have to rank different items in terms of how hard they are to pack, you will probably not put clothes near the top. Well, maybe you should!

Packing clothes takes more effort than you think. That is because not all clothes are created equal and all have to be treated differently. If you approach an expensive suit as if it is your everyday t-shirt, you will be in for a disaster. So let’s see our simple tips on how to pack your clothes efficiently and appropriately!

Tip #1: Separate Formal from Casual

Everybody has clothes that roughly fit into these two categories. And the formal shirts that you wear to work are obviously different than your casual jumpers. Plus, when it comes to packing, they have to be treated separately as well.

If you are not good at judging what is formal and what is not (because for many people business casual is their everyday casual), then consider this – how much wrinkles can you tolerate on the given piece of clothing and how easily does it actually get wrinkled? If it gets wrinkles easily (like a proper dress shirt) and yet you cannot go all wrinkly everywhere, then it is formal. Otherwise put it down as more casual.

Tip #2: Learn To Fold

Casual clothes are easy to deal with. You don’t need a lot of precise folding for your t-shirts. Even if they get wrinkly in the suitcase or packing box, they will not be ruined and can easily be straightened even by sprinkling some hot water on them and holding them up.

However, when it comes to formal attire, you have to be very careful. You cannot fold dress shirts anyway you like. Trousers also have specific folding patterns. If you want to keep them with as fewer wrinkles as possible, you will have to do the folding correctly. Sadly though, there is no single technique that will work with all clothes so there may be several you have to learn. That includes learning how to fold dresses, blouses, slacks, dress shirts and even suits. But if you want to skip on that…

Tip #3: Ask About The Wardrobe Box

As professional Chicago movers we have made it our goal to provide the best possible service to our clients. That includes packing for them as well, given that they actually want that. For such cases we have the wardrobe box, which is much more convenient for moving formal attire. However, you can also benefit from this kind of moving box, even if you do not want us to pack for you!

We offer box rental services, which you can order for your move. With them you can also get the wardrobe box to help you move your clothes effortlessly!