Want to move to a better home? We from H2H Movers can help you with that!We are halfway through 2018 and it is time to look at some interesting home decoration trends, which can help you make your home look even better. This is awesome for those of you who are using the warm summer weather to move to a new home. Because once you are there, you want to make it look perfect. So what can be better than some ideas on decorating your home in a great way?

Keep in mind that as one of the best moving companies in Chicago, we from H2H Movers can help you move without a problem. Just give us a call and book your move. But now let us dive deeper into the topic at hand with our first major decoration trend!

Trend #1: High Contrast All The Way!

One of the great trends we have seen this year is high contrast in colors all over your home. The classic example is lighter painted walls with darker furniture. A great minimalistic look can be achieved by going for black furnishing with eggshell walls.

If you want to make your home look even more unique, you can bet on cheerful colors! Red and green are way too bright for your everyday decoration, but you can tone it down a bit and go for something like burgundy and turquoise. And don’t forget about the curtains! They can add a tremendous amount of detail to any home.

Trend #2: Go Nature!

Many people are bored of the all too modernistic look of every home nowadays. So they want to spice it up with some natural details. For example, you can go for stone tiling around your place. Furniture made of solid wood is also a nice addition.

A lot of folks are embracing plants as their primary means of adding a bit of green to the mundanity of everyday life. And you can combine that with tons of modern gadgets that can help you keep track of your plants without a problem!

Trend #3: Geometric Accents

A nice contrast to the natural tones is going for some hardcore geometry. Different shapes can add a lot of dimension to your place without making it look overly edgy. Everything can tie in together well with the natural accents. That way you can mix and match different modern decorations with natural elements to achieve eye-catching geometric shapes.

Trend #4: Carpets and Rugs

A lot of Americans seem to have forgotten about rugs, or even carpets. But the truth is that they are making a comeback. Why? We don’t know – maybe because they are awesome? They help you add a lot of coziness to your place, without sacrificing on space or investing a lot into other forms of decoration. So a win?

Just make sure to keep that carpet properly clean. Vacuum it regularly and get some professional cleaning done every once in a while. But other than that you are golden!