With H2H Movers your relocation is simple and easyWhen you first move into your home you feel all excited about it. It is something that you have to make it your own, so to speak. So you start decorating, arranging the furniture, buying new items for it. But with time that excitement wanes and you are left with the routine. Yet that is not a bad thing.

The problem comes when with time the space you have starts to diminish more and more. Nothing seemingly changes, but you still find yourself more and more crammed up in an apartment or house that is getting somehow smaller. This is an interesting effect and we have to tackle the problem. That is why we from H2H Movers have prepared something special for you today. We have three easy tips that will help you feel better at home, because they will make it feel more spacious!

Intro Tip: Take Care Of The Basics First

Before we give you the other tips, here is something that should be said – you have to consider the basics. That is you need to take care of all the clutter that you may have around your home. Maybe you are a bookworm, or maybe you like collecting magazines. That is nice and all, but these things take up a lot of space. And they do it slowly. This applies to all kinds of items.

So the first thing to do is to go around your home and find whatever you do not need. Then proceed to throw it out, donate it, gift it, or even sell it. The choice is yours. Even with this initial step your home will already feel more spacious. But let’s go on!

Tip #1: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall!

Mirrors are interesting. We all have some at home, but they are usually left for the bathroom, or the hall at best. However, you can utilize them in other rooms to make them feel more spacious. They will also reflect natural light and a darker home will easily brighten up. So consider having some large mirrors in your bedrooms or even your dining room!

Tip #2: Paint Is Your Friend

Most people do not pay much attention to the color in their homes. However, it is crucial. Do not just stick with regular nuances. White is good, reflective and gives you the effect of more space, but it is currently being seen as too sterile. So try lighter blue, yellow or green to give your home a friendlier vibe, while still keeping its brightness up.

Tip #3: Furniture – Practical vs Aesthetic

Most people go about choosing their furniture with a completely wrong idea in mind. They want something that looks good, big and soft, but usually ends up taking a lot of space and with time doesn’t maintain that appealing comfort you loved it for. Our advice is to go for something more functional. That way you can end up saving space and enjoying something that ties in much better with a minimalist perspective.