Moving is easy with the best Chicago moversThe definition of a perfect place we can call home has to include “comfortable”. But can comfort actually be too much? So much that the whole things starts to feel boring a bit? That is actually possible!

If you feel like your home is just way too bland for you and you want a bit of a change, we have some advice for you today. Through our experience as Chicago movers we have seen many homes and places, so we can give you a few tips right away!

Tip #1: Smartify Your Home!

Yes, smartify is not a word. But it should be! If you want to make your home more fun overall, you can invest in making it smarter. With a variety of smart speakers out there and other smart gadgets, you can have quite some fun for quite some time!

In fact, your home may become so tech-y that maybe just way too much of a leap for you. Still, give it a go. Once you experience turning the lights on and off by a simple command, you will not want to go back.

Tip #2: Recolor!

Now, notice that we did not say “Repaint”. Because that is an entirely different thing – or at least a little bit. Recoloring is better, because you can go as big or as small as you want. For example, you can add a few new colorful accents to your home, or you can go full on repainting everything, getting new furniture to match the new color and so on. Is this overkill? Sure. Is it exciting? You bet!

Tip #3: Go Minimal!

Psychology says that stuff cannot make us happy. In fact, clutter does the opposite – it can depress us. While in the past more people focused on how much stuff they can cram into their homes, now they are thinking outside the box and into an entirely new territory – what can you do without?

With so many things being available digitally, it does not make much sense to own physical copies unless you are a collector. So you can make the switch from physical books, magazines and movies, to digital ones. Ditch most of your bookshelves and cabinets, and embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Add a coat of white paint to your walls and you are pretty much set!

Bonus Tip: Move!

After all, we are a moving company. And we can say from experience that one of the best ways to make your home more interesting is to just move to a new one. This age allows us to go wherever we want, given that you are not afraid of taking calculated risks. But with the fact that you can pretty much work from anywhere around the world, you actually have a universe of possibilities. So take advantage of that and move to a new place. It may be to an entirely different town or just a different neighborhood!